Everything Coming With The Next Free Witcher 3 Update

Hot off the press from the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Twitch stream, we’ve got a new, free, upcoming update for the most popular of Witchers!

The update releases on the 14th of December.

PC is getting some juicy visual upgrades:

  • Raytracing!
  • And extra UltraPlus tier of settings that adds even more video juicyness to your screen, if your PC can handle it.
  • Photo mode, which allows you to stop the scene and take a picture. There’s lots of settings (Depth of Field, Effect, Overlay) to customize your screenshot in the game itself, similar to what sliders you’d expect off Instagram.
  • The ability to alter the camera angle is coming, letting you offset it to the left or right, bring it closer, take it further etc.
witcher 3 close combat


  • Dynamic resolution scaling.
  • 30/60fps modes.
  • Quality/performance modes.
  • Haptic feedback and adaptive triggers for PS5 controllers.

More stuff!

  • Quick-cast mode (on both PC and console), allowing you to quickly cast signs without having to pause and go into the radial menu.
  • The default map has a new filter that hides the billions of questions marks from your map, making things easier to see.
  • Geralt can now walk slowly, and menacingly.
  • Subtitle size can now be scaled.
  • You can now pause the game during cutscenes.
  • The game will now also be fully voiced in Chinese (Simplified), and various improvements are coming to other languages as well.
  • You can now hide the minimap and objectives during exploration, for the vibe.
  • Patch notes will drop sometime before the update officially comes out.
  • There’s a new quest to attain some show armor’s schematic, but most of the information will be kept as a surprise!
  • Cross-progression is coming! You’ll be able to move your saves from one platform to another using your CD account.
witcher 3 world map
No more!

The free update drops on the 14th of December and is basically a free remaster! What part are you most excited about? Let us know in the comments below!