Dragonflight Launches In An Hour! Plus, Feldrake Twitch Drop!

World of Warcraft: Dragonflight is nearly upon us! The game’s ninth expansion is set to launch globally in one hour, allowing players to finally travel to the Dragon Isles, level to 70 and get into the usual gearing, collecting and reputation grinding that’s rampant at the start of an expansion.

Here’s a fancy image of when Dragonflight releases around the world:

dragonflight release times

Twitch Drop: Feldrake Mount

As soon as Dragonflight launches, Twitch Drops will also be enabled, lasting until December 1st, 11:59 PM PST. Watching four hours of Dragonflight streams will have the much-coveted Feldrake mount pop into your mount collection! The Feldrake was originally available as a rare find in ancient World of Warcraft trading card game packs, with some cards having a redeemable code on them that would award the mount.

This is likely the only opportunity to earn this mount for, well, at least ten years we’d say, so make sure to grind those Twitch hours to avoid missing out on it!

It’s nothing too sparkly, but the rarity is where this drake shines.

Dragonflight Features

As with any expansion, there’s a bunch of changes and additions coming with today’s launch. Here’s a brief overview of what you can expect if you’ve been out of the loop:

  • A new talent tree system that combines the Mists of Pandaria choice-based tree with the more traditional tree used up to Cataclysm.
  • Dragonriding, a fancy new way of flying with lots of customization and a talent tree of its own.
  • A profession overhaul bigger than ever before, with profession skill trees, auction house work orders, profession equipment and more.
  • Four new zones to level in, with ‘Adventure Mode’ (similar to Shadowlands’ Threads of Fate) unlocking for all your alts as soon as your first one finishes the main story.
  • No borrowed power of intensely grindy systems that force you to do twenty things every day!

We’ll see you in the Dragon Isles! What are you most excited about with Dragonflight? Let us know in the comments below!