In a leak from Windows Central, we've got news on the mini set that is coming to Hearthstone very soon! Keep in mind that this is leaked content and could be subject to change.

  • The Darkmoon Faire Mini Set arrives on January 21.
  • Dual-class cards and Spellburst are both returning mechanics.
  • A bundle will be available for $15 (or 2000 Gold) that contains all 35 new cards which includes 4 new Legendaries.
  • Two new heroes and minions are being added to Battlegrounds on January 21.
  • A new hero power and three treasures are being added for each class to Duels on January 21.
  • Anduin's Book of Heroes chapter releases on February 2.

The release of Anduin next contradicts our datamined release order of the Book of Heroes adventure, so we're not entirely certain if that means Malfurion switched spots with our young friend or if the rest of the release order is completely unknown.

Because the article will likely be taken down due to an embargo clearly being broken, here's the full article. Thanks to Saejis for bringing this to our attention.

Quote From Windows Central

Blizzard is expanding on the collection of cards in its digital CCG Hearthstone by releasing a new Darkmoon Races mini-set on January 21. All 35 cards will be available within packs of the Madness at the Darkmoon Faire expansion, which released in November.

Darkmoon Races will mark the return of mechanics first introduced in Ashes of Outland and Scholomance Academy such as dual-class cards and Spellburst, which triggers a powerful effect the next time the player casts a card. Players who want to get all of them can pick up a bundle through May 11 for $15 or 2,000 Gold which includes one of each of the set's four legendaries and two of all the other cards.

January 21 will also bring updates to the Battlegrounds system, introducing two new heroes and minions. Darkmoon Races will be added to Duels games the same day and players will have access to a new hero power and three new treasures.

On February 2, Hearthstone will launch a new single-player campaign focused on Prince Anduin of Stormwind. The fifth chapter in the game's Book of Heroes series is free to play and will show how Anduin learned to wield both holy magic and a sword as he traveled throughout Azeroth. Players who complete the campaign will receive a pack of cards for the Priest class.

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