The newest additions to the Darkmoon Faire set are arriving in just a couple of days and we're getting a ton of card reveals because of it! The leaks were correct!

  • The Darkmoon Faire Mini Set releases January 21.
  • You can buy the full mini set for 2000 gold.
  • If you'd rather spend money than gold, you can buy the mini set for $15 USD.
  • The full mini set contains 66 cards (35 unique) which gives you full playable copies of each card.

New Card Reveals

So far we've got 3 new cards revealed. We'll do a recap at the end of today and have individual news posts up for each new card so stay tuned to the front page! Here are links to additional reveals:

Envoy Rustwix - Warlock Legendary

Envoy Rustwix Card Image

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The review below has been updated to correct an error.

Quote From Demonxz95

The first card revealed in this mini-set is certainly an interesting one. One that somehow falls into the category of "funny, but also might be playable". The card starts off slow as a 5 mana 5/4 that doesn't do anything right away unlike the base forms of the Primes. One other trade-off is that you can't reasonably build a deck around getting random Primes like you can with the standard base cards from Ashes of Outland.

The easiest way to determine this card's viability is to look at all of the Primes and how they do. This is where things look a little bit shaky as while there are some good generic Primes, there are also quite a few other Primes which are made for certain archetypes and their power level falters heavily if you're not running the specific archetype the Prime was made for. Out of the 9 Prime cards, 7 of them are basically always decent pulls because they don't rely on your deck. Those being Msshi'fn Prime, Zixor Prime, Solarian Prime, Murgurgle Prime, Reliquary Prime, Akama Prime, and Kargath Prime. You have a 77^3% chance to generate one of these Primes, or in other words, are quite likely. Since Warlock does have access to some handbuffing, they can potentially take advantage of Zixor's Battlecry fairly well, although it's not bad even as just three 4/4s with Rush.

Vashj Prime, and Kanrethad Prime however are deck-dependant meaning they will likely not perform as greatly as the other Primes.. As a Warlock, you are likely running Demons so Kanrethad Prime will always do something, although your deck may not be suited to both Big Demons as well as running Envoy Rustwix, limiting some of the potential value. Vashj Prime can be useful to draw spells, although Spell Damage in Warlock is usually not particularly great and can sometimes even backfire and you may not have good spells in your deck by the time you draw it. Even then though, they aren't *bad* Primes and Kanrethad can potentially infinitely loop your decks with Primes as Envoy himself is a Demon. Although not every roll is great, Envoy seems quite good to me as most of the Primes are pretty good and generate strong value.

You could even potentially use Plot Twist to draw your Primes faster, and it also adds extra cards to your deck which in turn, might be good with Supreme Archaeology.

Keywarden Ivory - Rogue & Mage Legendary

Keywarden Ivory Card Image

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Quote From Avalon

Now, this is an interesting card: while it's not something you build around your deck, it provides value and a lot of flexibility. Consider that Dual-class spells vary from aggressive to defensive effects: being able to choose from such a diverse pool means that you'll find what you need most of the time. Moreover, if you're able to play what you Discovered on the same turn (think about cheap spells like Demon Companion, Adorable Infestation, Brain Freeze or Devolving Missiles) you are guaranteed a second copy of that same spell! Great card that will help many decks throughout the course of the next year.

Landslide - Shaman Rare

Landslide Card Image

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Quote From Avalon

Kind of reminiscent of Sandstorm Elemental: while it does not have a body, it has Overload synergy (pretty relevant in Shaman) and magnificent synergy with Rune Dagger and Wrath of Air Totem. Is Spell Damage Shaman going to make a comeback? Our first impression is that if some sort of Midrange or Control Shaman will ever come to life in the future, this card will probably be an auto-include.

Quote From @PlayHearthstone

Come one, come all, to the fastest most dangerous competition in Azeroth: The Darkmoon Races, launching January 21! All 35 Darkmoon Races Mini-Set cards will be obtainable through Darkmoon Faire Packs, or in the Shop as a full set for $14.99 / 2000 Gold!

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