We've got a balance patch coming tomorrow, January 28, to target Hysteria, one of the new cards that was added in the Darkmoon Races mini set. The changes are a part of Patch 19.4.1.

  • Hysteria now can only target an enemy minion.
    • Choose an enemy minion. It attacks random minions until it dies.

This breaks a combo in Wild that was able to kill your opponent through the use of Wretched Tiller and Deathspeaker. The patch should arrive around 1 PM Eastern, like most Hearthstone patches, and will likely have some kind of delay before arriving on mobile platforms.

Hysteria will be eligible for a full dust refund for 2 weeks after the 19.4.1 patch goes live.

Bug Fixes Coming!

Additionally, we're getting a few bug fixes including that annoying journal notification no longer being a pest.

Quote From Blizzard

  • Fixed a bug where Collection Achievement progress could get out of sync with the current contents of your collection.
    • Dev Comment: You will still never lose credit for an Achievement once it's been completed.
  • Fixed a bug where Arena could fail to load for new players.
  • Fixed a visual bug where notifications would persist for the Journal after completed Achievements had been claimed.