Gwent to Enter Maintenance Mode in 2024

The companion online trading card game to the mainline Witcher series, Gwent: The Witcher Card Game is set to enter maintenance mode in 2024, with most of the development team getting transferred to other projects within the studio, per an IGN report.

While it’s no secret the game struggled to find a large enough audience to justify its costs when bigger online TCGs like Hearthstone or the recent Marvel Snap soak up so much of the genre’s fans, the game still promises to deliver a final set of content updates in 2023 and keep some staff on to support it from 2024 onwards.

gwent mulligan example
You must admit that the art alone should have motivated players to give Gwent a shot.

Gwent in 2023

It’s not over just yet, as Gwent has a slate of 72 new cards waiting to release across three expansions in 2023 (in April, July and September), as well as two eSports tournaments and the usual monthly balance changes.

The developers are looking to balance the entire pool of Gwent cards throughout 2023, to bring it to a level where only minor changes may be required once maintenance mode begins in 2024. There’s also mention of other features being implemented with the goal of contributing to the game’s longevity coming in 2023, although we’re not sure what they are just yet.

gwent trinkets inventory
Trinkets, trinkets for Kazaku– wrong game.

2024, Maintenance Mode

Once 2024 drops, the game will move to a community-focused approach. With no new cards being released and no more official eSports tournaments being held, here’s what the game will look like in 2024, dubbed ‘Project Gwentfinity’:

  • A small number of developers will remain to keep the game running, similar to how Blizzard Entertainment’s Heroes of the Storm is currently operated.
  • The game will receive a seasonal progression system that rewards creative deckbuilding.
  • A new balancing feature will be added that allows the players to vote for balance changes, with restrictions put in place to to prevent manipulation and game-breaking changes. What this basically means is that game balance will be entirely in the hands of players, within a set of constraints so as to not promote bad faith voting.
gwent battle pass
The new progression system will most likely not contain much in terms of cosmetics, which does make it easier to keep it on a regular, automated rotation without direct developer involvement.

How do you feel about Gwent’s tumultuous journey? Did you enjoy the gameplay and wished it had attracted more players, or did the game have glaring issues that turned people off from trying it? Let us know in the comments below!