With Demon Hunter's arrival last year with the release of Ashes of Outland, it paved the way for new classes to enter Hearthstone which has been one of the most exciting bits of new content the game has seen since release. With at least two other classes in World of Warcraft to pick from, Death Knights and Monks, there is a lot of established flavor that Hearthstone has access to when the time comes to design a new class.

In tonight's community Q&A on Twitter, Dean Ayala was asked a question about new classes and if we were going to be seeing a new one anytime soon. He was quick to confirm that it would not be the case.

  • They are not currently developing a new class for Hearthstone.
  • The team works about a year ahead of schedule for content releases.
  • Infrastructure has been added to make adding a new class easier than the first time.

With at least a year delay between concept and release, that tells us that we won't be seeing a class releasing this upcoming Hearthstone year and the year after that. It would be a bit much to add classes back-to-back anyway so it's nice to see that we won't have to deal with several instant nerf patches due to overtuning a new class. A large rework is going to be taking place this year for the Basic and Classic sets though, so that might be the huge shakeup we need at the start of the year to make things very interesting.

With Monks off the table, I wouldn't expect to see a Pandaria-themed expansion anytime soon so for all of us that have been craving a visit to the Pandaren homeland, you get hang up your bamboo hat for the time being. Death Knights are also an interesting case for a new classes due to their inclusion as a mechanic during Knights of the Frozen Throne. Although nothing would forbid Blizzard from making a true Death Knight a thing, we do wonder what would happen with Arfus and The Lich King based on their effect wording today.

Arfus Card Image The Lich King Card Image

Do you want to see more classes in Hearthstone? What class do you want to see added next? Let us know in the comments below!

Quote From Dean Ayala

After seeing how implementation of a new class (demon hunter) went throw, any plans on putting another new one in the game, in the nearest future? :)

Purely from a player-metrics perspective, it seems like DH was successful. I say *seems* because there are a lot of variables. Hard to understand if success was because players love having a new class, because there was a higher marketing spend during that time window, etc. (Source)

But overall, our team is positive on it and will probably do it again. It's just not something you want to be doing every year. We've talked about Death Knight, Monk, or even the idea of inventing something new. (Source)

There is no new-class in development today and we work about a year ahead of schedule, so I wouldn't look out for it anytime soon. We set up a lot of the infrastructure for adding a new class the first time around, though, so the turnaround would be a little easier. (Source)