When is Diablo 4 Coming Out? Rumors say June 5

Rumors, rumors everywhere! Several news outlets have taken to report that the possible release date for Diablo 4 will be June 5th (6th depending on your region), ahead of even more rumors that the date will be announced during tomorrow’s The Game Awards show.

diablo 4 character customization preview
Press embargos have lifted today; here’s a sample of the level of character customization you can expect in Diablo 4.

The rumors come from Twitter user Aggiornamenti Lumia, who is notorious to scraping storefront data to gather information on release dates for games that haven’t been announced yet. Aside from the purported release date, Lumia claims to have also uncovered the following:

  • Pre-orders will go live on December 9th.
  • The size of the game on the Xbox will be 80GB.
  • The game will ship in three editions: Standard, Digital Deluxe and Ultimate.

An older rumor pointed to all this information being revealed during The Game Awards show that’s taking place tomorrow evening, so we’ll have to wait just a bit longer to confirm this news, but we’re fairly confident everything detailed by Lumia is true.

We also recommends watching the awards show, as you can win a Steam Deck by following these easy steps!

Rest assured we’ll be here tomorrow evening to report on everything revealed during The Game Awards, including the big winners of the night as well as the torrent of game announcements served in-between nominee categories.

The floodgates are about to open and we’ll receive a big chunk of information on how Diablo 4’s goals are, what the gameplay is going to be like, and more importantly, how it will compare to Path of Exile 2, arguably its biggest competitor, with both launching next year.

Are you excited for Diablo 4, or wary considering both its predecessor and Blizzard’s monetization woes with Diablo: Immortal? Let us know in the comments below!