Free Epic Games Store Titles For Week 49: Saints Row IV Re-Elected & Wildcat Gun Machine

We’re back and it’s time to get some free games! The free Epic Games Store titles for week 49 (out of 52, we’re reaching the end of the year) are suit-man-action-game Saints Row IV Re-Elected and the explosive, isometric Wildcat Gun Machine. Let’s see what they’re about.

Saints Row IV Re-Elected

This is a new version of Saints Row IV! The Re-Elected version includes all DLC previously released for the title and supports cross-play between the Steam and Epic editions of the game. This is now going to be the only version of Saints Row IV on sale.

Saints Row IV is an action-adventure game that takes places in an open-world filled with lots of missions, science fiction and over-the-top parody. This is the final game in the original series, so if you want to play them in order, skip the next paragraph that has story spoilers.

Saints Row IV picks up after the player-created character has become the President of the United States, after thwarting a terrorist threat. Five years later (still being President), you find yourself trapped in a simulation with your fellow gang members, after the alien empire known as the Zin attack Earth and capture you.

Yup, that’s the story. Amazing.

Wildcat Gun Machine

Wildcat Gun Machine is a bullet hell dungeon crawler with an isometric camera that has you taking on hordes of flesh beasts with an array of over 40 gun types. Epic boss battles, upgradable skill system, combat puzzles and just a lovely gruesome experience overall. It’s basically DOOM but filmed from above!

Next week we’ve got Mystery Game! That’s right, Epic is entering their surprise gift holiday phase, so we don’t know what freebie we’ll get next Thursday until it debuts! See you then!