Great news for all the Warlock players! In a recent interview by PCGamer, Chadd "Celestalon" Nervig, Initial Game Designer on Hearthstone, shared with us an important piece of information regarding the upcoming Core set.

To be precise, Lord Jaraxxus will appear in the Core set in the form of a Hero Card! It's been a very long time since Jaraxxus was a playable card - while it was a very good one back in Classic Hearthstone (something you'll be able to experience again in a few weeks). However, as the game developed over the years, playing it became detrimental to your chances of winning.

While its effect in itself is not inherently bad, what's really held Jaraxxus back is the 15 Health cap it forces the player into, which a very restricting condition to accept in modern Hearthstone, considering all the burst at disposal and the fact that you aren't able to even heal beyond 15. To be honest, Sacrificial Pact was another reason not to play Lord J, but fortunately for him, the interaction got changed in April 2020, slightly after the release of Demon Hunter and therefore the introduction of demons in other classes other than Warlock. However, this hasn't changed the fact that the card is very risky to play and guarantees too small of an upside to be worth including.

The Hearthstone community has been asking for a change to Jaraxxus for a while now, especially after the introduction of the Hero cards with the Death Knights in Knight of the Frozen Throne back (August 2017); moreover, his rework was also mentioned by Iksar in a recent AMA on his Twitter account.

Blood Fury Card Image Lord Jaraxxus Card Image INFERNO! Card Image Infernal Card Image

Some of the other Classic cards that are going to be kept in the Core set are going to undergo a rebalancing process as well. Celestalon himself stated, that the tuning of Jaraxxus will be a little different from what we're used to.

Quote From Celestalon
The new version of Jaraxxus in the Core Set will be a Hero card.

The tuning on [Jaraxxus] is a little different [in the Core Set]. We've balanced it accordingly

Given Celestalon's exact words, we expect to find a Lord Jaraxxus quite similar to the already existing one, but the fact that its 15 Health cap is probably going to be removed means that, for example, Blood Fury may lose a few durability hits or that INFERNO!'s Infernals may become 5/5s with Taunt or could just be reworked.

How would you rebalance Lord Jaraxxus? Are you happy to know he'll be making a revised comeback? Let us know in the comments below!

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