Epic Holiday Gift for December 16th: Horizon Chase Turbo!

Day two of the Holiday Epic games giveaway is here, and it pulls into pole position with Horizon Chase Turbo! Let’s see what’s in store!

The Basics

The game is an arcade racer reminiscent of old SNES titles, with a modernized coat of paint. It sports 3 game modes, 31 cars, 109 tracks spread over 48 locations, and a banging soundtrack by Barry Leitch.

Grab Horizon Chase Turbo quickly, for it’s getting replaced by another game in 23 hours! We don’t know what’s going to come up tomorrow, but Epic has given us clues in the form of a package wrapping teaser, seen below. Any guesses?

Have you played Horizon Chase Turbo before? How does it stack up with the classics? Let us know in the comments below