Epic Holiday Gift for December 21st: Lego Builder’s Journey!

Ah, Lego! The ability to create just about anything from rectangular pieces of plastic. Today’s game, Lego Builder’s Journey, encapsulates just that. Let’s take a look!

The Basics

Lego Builder’s Journey, unlike most other Lego titles, is a puzzle game where you guide a (presumably) father and son duo across a wide variety of environments, in the form of small dioramas. The game sports the Lego equivalent of a minimalist art-style, with both of the characters being made up of a few Lego pieces, rather than the figurines we’re used to.

The game is free to claim only until tomorrow, roughly 23 and a half hours from now, so grab it while you can! Epic also likes to provide a hint for the next game to become free, so if you want to try decoding the following gift box, let us know what the next title may be:

epic nuclear game hint

Have you played Lego Builder’s Journey already? What’s your opinion of it? Let us know in the comments below!