Fresh info on the core set hot off the press! Hearthstone's Alec Dawson confirmed this afternoon that fan-favourites Stonetusk Boar and Bluegill Warrior are moving to Wild.

Stonetusk Boar Card Image Bluegill Warrior Card Image

The original plan for this mighty Beast and Murloc duo was to keep them in Hearthstone's Core set but to remove their Charge keyword in exchange for the much easier to balance Rush. The change would make the cards less oppressive in the Standard meta and would give the designers space without worrying about OTK combos that the cards could be involved in. This was met with some hostility from the community, saying the changes were going to harm decks that they wanted to continue to play.

Blizzard's solution? Move the cards to Wild, let them keep charge, and add two brand new minions to the game for the Core set that will have the Rush keyword instead. They also have new stats!

  • New Stonetusk Boar (Core) - 1 Mana, 2 Attack, 1 Health. Rush.
  • New Bluegill Warrior (Core) - 2 Mana, 3 Attack, 1 Health. Rush. 

Additionally, Celestalon has given us some details on what we can expect from the new minions!

  • New Stonetusk Boar is a "friend of Ysera's".
  • New Bluegill Warrior is "rosy-hued".

Quote From Alec Dawson

One last piece of Core set info before card reveals start tomorrow. We will be moving Stonetusk Boar and Bluegill Warrior to Wild, they will go back to their original statlines with Charge. Two new cards will replace Boar/Bluegill in Core, a Beast and a Murloc with Rush.

Quote From Chadd Nervig

Looking forward to everyone getting to meet Bluegill Warrior's more rosy-hued friend, and also a friend of Ysera's! ;)