Ever since it was teased that Journey to Un'Goro's gameboard had a musical secret, the Hearthstone community has had high hopes for another. With the Saviors of Uldum expansion, Blizzard did us good and added one in!

The secret is activated by playing a musical tune on the feet located on the bottom left of the gameboard. Correctly playing the tune with the right instrument results in the League of Explorer's main theme playing. Want to play around with it yourself?

  1. Get into a game with the Saviors of Uldum gameboard active.
  2. Click on the rubies to set the instrument to "accordion" (click each gem twice).
  3. Play the following note pattern.

Thanks to /u/Ceirin for creating the image.

Thanks to /u/abouttogetdownvoted for putting together a thread which ultimately solved the mystery. Though /u/abouttogetdownvoted had solved the Un'goro board secret, they were just one note off the correct input (ouch) making our savior this time around /u/leeroyPOfaceless who solved the puzzle.

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