If you were one of the players that opened up a Classic Pack and received cards you weren't supposed to, your Arcane Dust compensation has arrived! What was the issue?

  • 16 cards were in Classic Packs that should not have been.
  • Players that opened Classic Packs between March 25 and shortly after Barrens launched could get these cards.

We first got wind of this a few hours ago when our own FrostyFeet reported that he had logged into the game and received Arcane Dust from an outside source. Blizzard has confirmed that they are done distributing the dust now so if you were a part of this issue, you can now make use of that dust anywhere you'd like; May we suggest Forged in the Barrens cards?

Were you affected by the issue? How much dust did you receive?

Quote From @PlayHearthstone

Compensation for this has been completed. Arcane Dust has now been distributed to players impacted by this issue in all regions.

Here is the original statement on the bug.

Quote From Kerfluffle

We’re aware of an issue where players could still receive the 16 cards that were added to the Classic set later in Hearthstone’s history from Classic and Golden Classic packs between when the 20.0 patch was released (3/25) up until shortly after expansion launch (3/30). We’ll be identifying players who received these cards during this five-day window, and issuing Arcane Dust equivalent to a full refund for each card from the following list in the coming days:

• Icicle
• Tome of Intellect
• Call of the Void
• Pilfer
• Siegebreaker
• Gift of the Wild
• Righteousness
• Brightwing
• High Inquisitor Whitemane
• Barrens Stablehand
• SI:7 Infiltrator
• Arcane Devourer
• Kul Tiran Chaplain
• Scarlet Subjugator
• Shadow Word: Ruin
• Natalie Seline

We’ll update here once these dust refunds have been distributed.