We're celebrating Nozdormu Day! The 15th of every month, starting last month, celebrates this beautiful bronze dragon and this month is certainly no exception.

Nozdormu the Eternal Card Image

If you want to participate in Nozdormu Day, you're in luck because all players can do so for free:

  • Remove a card from one of your favourite decks and replace it with Nozdormu the Eternal.
  • Queue up for a game with your new deck.
  • Hopefully encounter another player with Nozdormu and have fun playing speedstone!

We're recommending that you play decks that aren't reliant on long combos or multiple actions in general. Playing minions with basic effects or casting simple spells will do you wonders with maximizing your 15-second turn time. Though, the better you are at adapting to the short periods of thinking will allow you to play some of the more complicated decks, so don't rule everything out.

You may want to queue on the casual ladder to not only prevent any potential ranked losses, but to also increase your chances of finding an opponent with Nozdormu. If everyone keeps themselves in one mode, and there isn't an MMR to worry about, we can increase our chances of speedstone success.

Why is the 15th of Each Month Nozdormu Day?

The 15th of each month is Nozdormu Day because it is a reference to the 15 seconds that each player has to take their turn when Nozdormu is present in both decks.

Nozdormu Day Decks for May 2021

We've put together a few decks that you may enjoy to celebrate Nozdormu Day.

Sidisi's OTK Maxima Hunter

If you were playing this normally, you'd sub Nozdormu with Alexstrasza the Life-Binder.

Nozdormu Old God Control Priest

What's not to love about some control Priest? I hope you're quick to discover your options. This list features not only some old god friends but also three dragon aspects!

Nozdormu Face Hunter

What do you get when you take of the best meta lists but you want to play it even faster? You add Nozdormu into the mix! We've removed a copy of Knife Vendor from the deck, in fact the only copy, to make room for the lord of time.

N'Zoth Deathrattler

A deck from one of our own community members, BossWalrus, we've got a Deathrattle Demon Hunter post-patch that includes our bronze friend.

Budget Options - Sermon Paladin

A few weeks ago, Sule shined a spotlight on a budget list that made use of Nozdormu's big body. Although we've had some balance changes since then, you should give it a shot since its not only cheap but a good budget template for Paladins.

The Best Deck - Nozdormu's Big Warrior

This is the best performing Nozdormu deck on HSReplay. We can't guarantee you success, but this is the current champion before the event begins so if you want to craft something of your own, aim to beat this.

What are you playing for Nozdormu Day? Share your lists in our deckbuilder and link to them down below so others can join in on the fun.