We've got two new bundles that hit the Hearthstone shop this afternoon and they are flashy and expensive.

For those that love showcasing bling in their decks, Blizzard has brought out two new bundles that you can purchase that will fill your collection up with golden cards from Standard sets.

Golden Standard Bundle

For $25, you can get yourself a standard legendary card and some packs:

  • 5 Golden Standard Packs
  • 1 Golden Standard Legendary

Mega Golden Standard Bundle

Twice the fun for twice the price! $50 USD will get you:

  • 10 Golden Standard Packs
  • 2 Golden Standard Legendary

The bundles are available in the Hearthstone Shop through June 2.

Are you picking up the bundle(s)? Tell us why and if you did, share with us the contents of your packs down below!