Blizzard has given us more information on the Saviors of Uldum solo content, the Tombs of Terror!

  •  A pre-order is available which gives you a the League of Explorers card back and a random Uldum legendary.
  • The first chapter is free with additional chapters coming in at 700 Gold or $7 USD each.
  • Buy everything for $15 (after launch) without the pre-order goodies.
  • There are four chapters, each with a "Plague Lord" final boss. Those bosses have large amounts of Health.
  • Defeating all the chapters unlocks "the finale". No word on what that is... yet.
  • Each of the explorers are dual-class heroes, building decks with cards from both classes.
  • You'll be able to unlock hero-specific signature treasures as you play through the adventure.
  • A favourite from Dalaran Heist, the tavern for deck modifications has returned.
  • Twists have also returned.
  • You'll earn card packs by completing wings in the adventure (15 packs) and a card back & Golden Classic Pack at the end of Normal.
  • Earn a special card back for completing the adventure on Heroic!
  • The solo content releases on September 17.

Tombs of Terror Chapter Release Schedule & Pricing

Here is the release schedule for Tombs of Terror.

  • September 17 - Chapter 1 & 2
  • September 24 - Chapter 3
  • October 1 - Chapter 4 & Finale

The pre-order is available for $20 USD which includes all the content. It will be available for less (not sure how much) after it has been released but it will not include the card back or random Uldum legendary card.

Individual chapters can be purchased for 700 gold each or $7 USD. Buying the whole adventure after the pre-order period is only $15 but you don't get the pre-order extras.

Explorer Class Combinations

Each explorer is dual-classed for the Tombs of Terror which means you get to build a deck with both of their classes!

  • Reno Jackson - Mage & Rogue
  • Elise Starseeker - Druid & Priest
  • Brann Bronzebeard - Hunter & Warrior
  • Sir Finley - Paladin & Shaman

Plague Lords

Plague Lords are the final bosses of each chapter.

  • A high health pool makes them a larger than normal challenge. (Example in video was 300)
  • If you aren't able to kill a plague lord, their health will stay the same the next time you fight them, allowing progression over multiple runs.
  • The Plague Lords are made up of the Plagues of Uldum. A boss made out of murlocs!

Signature Treasures

In addition to choosing a starting deck and hero power, you'll also get to choose a Signature Treasure.

  • Each explorer has their own signature treasure.
  • The treasures are unlocked by playing the new content.
  • It looks like every hero has 6 signature treasures, with Reno starting off with Reno's Lucky Hat.

Card Backs

League of Explorers
Pre-Purchase Card Back

Normal Mode Reward

Heroic Mode Reward