Two new bundles featuring United in Stormwind Packs and Legendary cards have appeared in Hearthstone's shop. These bundles are available for the next two weeks, through August 23, and more details on them, and whether or not they are worth buying, can be found below.

United in Stormwind Bundle

Available in-game and on's shop.

The first bundle is available to all and contains the following for $20 USD:

  • 10x United in Stormwind Packs
  • 10x Standard Packs
  • 2x Random United in Stormwind Legendaries

Is this bundle worth picking up? If you are still on the hunt for legendary cards, the answer is a very clear YES! If a pack on average nets you 100 Arcane Dust (okay, 98.25 if you want to be picky), you'd have to open 16 packs before you could craft a legendary card. The cheapest card pack that is available on both mobile and desktop is $1.25 USD, which means a single Legendary would cost $20 USD to obtain.

Now, obviously these are random legendary cards so their value may not actually be 1600 dust, but instead 400 since you don't want to play with the card. We'll also disregard the fact that each legendary you acquire makes it easier to get a legendary you actually want in the future, since that also has to have some value. In the case that the card isn't one you want though, each legendary is worth $5 for a total of $10. Adding in the 20 packs, that's a total value of around $35.

If you want to spend the money, this is great value.

Golden Stormwind Bundle

Available in-game to select players.

This bundle is not available to everyone. I can only assume this targeted the whale players of Hearthstone, though let us know in the comments if you don't fit that criteria and still see it. The bundle is a thing of beauty containing the following for $40 USD:

  • 1x Random Golden United in Stormwind Legendary
  • 10x Golden United in Stormwind Packs

Wow. That is an expensive bundle, but is it worth it?

If you aren't a player that goes after golden cards, this bundle will never be worth the value. Take your $40 USD and put it towards other card packs or wait for a new bundle.

Next, you have to remember that golden card packs do not have a pity timer. Opening a golden pack will always have the exact same odds for each of the card rarities.

For the players that love to make their decks glimmer though... there is some serious value here! I can't say I'm incredibly excited about getting a golden legendary though at this point in the expansion because I already have the legendary cards that I want so whatever card I do get, it's not going to be interesting and I'd be hoping it gets nerfed to later disenchant and use the dust elsewhere.

Assuming the absolute worst luck, and getting a golden legendary you don't want, this is what you'd be able to dust everything for:

  • 1x Golden Legendary = 1600 Dust
  • 40x Golden Commons = 2000 Dust
  • 10x Golden Rares = 1000 Dust

For a grand total of 4600 Dust.

We previously established that a normal card pack gives you roughly 100 Arcane Dust at $1.25 (cheapest bundle available cross-platform). If you spent your $40 USD on packs at that price per pack, that would net you 32 packs or on average, 3200 Arcane Dust. So, assuming the absolute worst luck, and you just want to get dust to craft cards, this bundle is worth purchasing over regular cards if you want to disenchant the contents.

Now, as someone who loves golden cards, I'm still going to need to think about the purchase even though the value is clearly there. Its a solid chunk of change to spend towards flashy cards... though it is cheaper than if you were to try and craft all the cards individually.

Will you be picking up either bundle? Let us see your best pack openings from them in the comments below!