In tonight's Hearthstone AMA from Hearthstone Dad, Dean Ayala, we've learned of a new system that is "very likely to happen" as a sort of test.

  • The team has a couple of ideas for limited-time systems changes - probably 2-4 weeks long.
  • One idea is to let players ban a class on the ladder.
  • This would require changes to UI and server-side which involves multiple teams.
  • The impact of such a change is very complex. Its possible that we could find out the game is more fun with it.
  • None of this is currently in development but it is "very likely to happen".

With nothing planned for the immediate future, we ask you: Would you be interested in this as a temporary change? What other limited-time changes would you like to see?

Quote From Dean Ayala

@IksarHS Have you ever considered adding a class ban option to the ladder to increase diversity of deck viability? Like you won't match against selected class. Competitive HS feels more balanced when watching as they can ban the opponent's decks that counter their own selected decks.

@grizzlebees Yes, and I'd actually like to try it for a limited time. There is significant meta impact at the high level with something like this, though. Many decks have only 1-2 counters so the best overall deck probably isn't the best deck in a ban format. (Source)

@grizzlebees We have a couple ideas for limited-time system changes. This is one of them. Will probably try for a 2 week or month long time period. It's possible that we'll find out the game is just more fun this way. (Source)

@grizzlebees But like I said, the impact is quite complex. Not something currently in dev but I'd put it on the list of very likely to happen. Need UI and server side matchmaking changes, both teams are booked pretty solid with work atm. (Source)