Tian Ding, Hearthstone Data Scientist, has provided more insight into which archetypes are ranking supreme at the top end of Hearthstone's Standard ladder. It has been a couple of weeks since we last got data from Blizzard, so let's see what has changed since the Warlock nerf patch that hit last week.

As a reminder, this data comes directly from Blizzard and uses the top 1% of players by MMR in Ranked Standard. Due to this, its as accurate as it is going to get!

Two Weeks Ago

A couple of weeks back when we got data, the following archetypes made up the top 5 (winrates in brackets).

  • Aggro Hunter (54.0%)
  • Aggro Druid (54.0%)
  • Aggro-Shadow Priest (53.8%)
  • Questline-Big Warlock (53.6%)
  • Fel Demon Hunter (52.6%)

Let's look at the new data!

This Week's Top Standard Decks - Early September 2021

Here are the numbers provided for the top 10 archetypes alongside their win rate and "first turn advantage".

Cluster NameWin %FTA %
Aggro-Shadow Priest54.2%8.3%
Aggro Hunter53.3%6.4%
Questline-Big Warlock52.6%7.9%
Token Druid52.5%5.6%
Poison Rogue52.0%-0.7%
Spell Druid51.2%-1.9%
Secret Paladin50.8%13.8%
Questline Demon Hunter50.6%9.1%
Questline Shaman50.5%3.6%

Looks like Secret Paladin is very good if you are going first, which isn't much of a surprise considering how fast it wants to play. Warlocks have also dropped 1% in winrate since the last batch of numbers were dropped.

We also got to see stats from the bottom end of decks. Big Warrior and Questline-Zoo Warlock are not having a great time. In fact, Warriors aren't doing too hot at all. With possible buffs coming soon, maybe we'll see some Warrior love and a boost to get some of the less successful questlines up in win rate.

Cluster NameWin %FTA %
Deathrattle Demon Hunter49.8%9.8%
Handbuff Paladin49.7%9.9%
Libram Paladin49.6%7.2%
Questline-Lifesteal Demon Hunter49.6%7.1%
Fel Demon Hunter49.5%5.7%
Questline Rogue49.3%4.9%
Celestial Druid49.2%-1.3%
Elemental Shaman48.9%5.8%
Questline Warlock48.4%7.2%
Tempo Rogue48.3%2.1%
Rush Warrior47.6%6.1%
Questline Hunter47.1%4.7%
Questline Mage47.0%4.0%
Questline Priest47.0%7.9%
Control Warrior43.0%5.8%
Big Warrior39.1%3.4%
Questline-Zoo Warlock39.0%8.3%

Got Lists?

Tian didn't provide any lists this time, so we've gone ahead and fetched some of the best lists for these archetypes off of HSReplay.net. 

0 4800 4800 950 0
0 5620 5620 813 0
0 10000 10000 734 0
0 4260 4260 723 0
0 5800 5800 632 0
0 7800 7800 2166 0
0 7760 7760 758 0
0 6720 6720 1415 0
1 5480 5480 656 0