Oh wild, you crazy, crazy format. A bug that has been making its rounds recently which caused a C'Thun OTK very easily to pull off early in the game has been fixed.

C'Thun Card Image Maxima Blastenheimer Card Image

For those who weren't aware of the bug, here's how it worked.

  1. Create a deck with the aforementioned cards and cards that can buff your C'Thun. (Like Beckoner of Evil)
  2. Play a card that will buff your C'Thun.
  3. Play Maxima Blastenheimer.
  4. Watch the victory screen pop up.

Okay that's cool, but why does this actually work? Well, because bugs - and not the Qiraji kind! Blizzard hasn't made an official comment on why this was happening, but it appears the game became confused, quite possibly due to the way that C'Thun gets brought out onto the field via Maxima Blastenheimer and is forced to attack. This would summon C'Thun and then apply the same buffs he had earned over and over again until it reached the internal cap for triggers, 60, resulting in a C'Thun with 128 attack in the case of a buff with Beckoner of Evil. That Big Boy (TM) would then finish resolving Maxima, resulting in an incredible amount of damage to the face.

This was not a very hard combo to pull off and its good to see a fix has arrived. Two days ago, Dean "Iksar" Ayala mentioned that they wouldn't be any bans being handed out for abusing the bug, so if you did play around with it, you got lucky this time! Which is even more funny when you consider that someone was fighting Iksar while he was playing the C'Thun deck. Although Dean did not confirm it was him, his BattleTag was verified via a HS Deck Tracker reply file.

Quote From Kerfluffle

We’re planning to deploy a server-side hotfix later today to address a bugged interaction between C’Thun and Maxima Blastenheimer. You will not need to download anything to receive this update.