If you tried Hearthstone Mercenaries in its debut patch, you're in luck! As you may recall from last week's "what's next" post, today, Blizzard is distributing 5 free packs to all eligible players who played the new game mode. The exact time they're going to arrive in your account, we don't know for certain as these things can take a while to distribute to everyone. If Blizzard provides an update stating that they have all been distributed, we'll update this post.

Are there any heroes you're hoping to score some new stuff for in your free packs? Let us know what you're hoping to get in your haul in the comments below.

Quote From Blizzard

As a big “thank you” to everyone for embracing this mode and making it so popular, we’re giving everyone 5 free Mercenaries packs! If you played Mercenaries in the 21.4 patch cycle, we’ll drop your appreciation gift into your collection on November 9.