[Updated on June 3]

New major patch, new known issues and (hopefully) prompt fixes to follow. There wasn't much to begin with as Patch 23.4 arrived with only a handful of registered problems, but the post-launch bug section have since expanded noticeably.

As always, expect to see this list being regularly updated throughout the weeks that follow. We will also be making sure to call out any bigger issues and hotfixes separately as they come up. Speaking of which, the first larger server-side patch (no downloads required) was deployed after a little over a day: 

A few bullet points that stand out within the larger list: 

  • Free Legendary Mercenary Tyrael was missing at launch, but was quickly found. Check your in-game shop!
    • Some players might've received other portraits (Golden, and even Diamond) rather than the intended base version of this Mercenary. Good for them? 
  • Opening certain Wild Packs on Android devices might crash your game. It's apparently safe on PC and iOS. 
  • A number of players report encountering the 'Playful Sprites' error when trying to log in on any device, ever since the Mini-Set's launch. 
  • Some bugs (visual and otherwise) with one Mercenaries Campaign Task and characters' abilities and equipment.
    •  “Whispers of the Old Gods: Task 4” completion requirement was tied to the wrong Bounty. [Resolved]
  • Evidently, Lord Barov is banned from entering the Battlegrounds tavern while Diablo takes temporary residence there.
  • There are reports of cards such as Snapdragon and Bioluminescence not working correctly. [Resolved]
    • One gives permanent stats to Battlecry Heroes and weapons, the other provides extra Spell Damage. Ow.  
    • Try to resist the temptation of abusing either of these on purpose. That might have consequences
    • The expected hotfix patch is here
  • Shattershambler can affect weapons and not just minions, while Immolate doesn't show which cards were burned in the history tile.
  • Some packs were initially blocked from being opened (Standard, Golden Standard, Stormwind, and Golden Stormwind), blame Remote-Controlled Golem. [Should Be Resolved]

Remote-Controlled Golem Card Image Snapdragon Card Image Bioluminescence Card Image

Hearthstone's 23.4 Patch Known Issues

Quote From Blizzard

Patch 23.4 will be launching with the following known issues:

  • Reno Jackson’s Treasure Inspector Equipment in Mercenaries will occasionally fail to cast anything. The team is working on this issue.
  • Opening certain Wild-only packs will cause a crash on Android devices. This issue is expected to be fixed in the next major patch. In the meantime, those packs can be opened without any issue on PC and iOS devices.
  • [Resolved 6/2]: Favorite card back selections are not locking. As this issue is wider in scope than initially thought, the team is working on resolving this issue in an upcoming hotfix patch.

Post-launch issues:

  • [Resolved 6/1]: We are aware that Tyrael was a little late to show up, but he’s made it now. You can now claim you free Tyrael Mercenary Card in the shop!
  • [Resolved 6/1]: The team is aware that some players got Tyrael portraits as their free Tyrael claim instead of the base Tyrael Mercenary card. The bug causing this issue has been resolved.
  • [Resolved 6/1]: We are aware that an additional copy of Remote-Controlled Golem has been added to the collection. It is part of solo content and was not supposed to be made collectible. We are temporarily blocking certain packs from being opened (Standard, Golden Standard, Stormwind, and Golden Stormwind) while we work on removing the extra copy of Remote-Controlled Golem from the collectible card pool. We will re-allow those packs to be opened, and correct any players who received the card, once the issue has been resolved. 6/1 Update: we are currently in the process of rolling out a hotfix that will resolve this underlying issue and re-enable affected pack openings. The hotfix patch is expected to take approximately an hour to be released to all regions. Players affected by this bug prior to it being resolved will be addressed at a later time.
  • [Resolved 6/2]: The team is aware that the Mercenaries Campaign Task “Whispers of the Old Gods: Task 4” can’t be completed as written. It currently is tied to the Captain Shivers Bounty, instead of the Acolyte of N’Zoth Bounty. This will be fixed in a hotfix planned for later this week, but in the meantime you can progress by heading to Captain Shivers. Update: After the 6/2 Hotfix goes live, this workaround will no longer be applicable and the Task will only be able to be completed as written.
  • [Resolved 6/2]: The team is aware that the Thrall, Son of Durotan skin is missing from some players’ collections.
  • [Resolved 6/2]: The team is aware that Bioluminescence and Snapdragon are not working as intended. They will be fixed in a hotfix patch scheduled for later this week.
  • [Added 6/1]: The team is aware of a visual bug with Baine Bloodhoof’s Herbal Ancestry Equipment (Chain Heal will state it will heal 20, but it will actually heal for the correct amount based on that Ability and Equipment level).
  • [Added 6/1]: The team is aware of a bug with Lord Barov and Diablo. To avoid the issue, Lord Barov will be temporarily disabled while Diablo is back in Battlegrounds.
  • [Added 6/2]: The team is aware that Shattershambler is not working as intended. It will be fixed in an upcoming update.
  • [Added 6/2]: The team is aware of a small number of accounts seeing “Playful Sprites” error messages when trying to login. This will be fixed in the next available update.


6/2 Update:

We are currently in the process of deploying hotfix patch 23.4.1, a server-side hotfix, that will include the following updates:

  • Fixes bugs with Bioluminescence and Snapdragon not working as written.
  • Adds Colossal minions into the random pool for certain cards that generated options from a random pool, such as Elise Starseeker’s Golden Monkey.
  • Fixes the bug where the Mercenaries story task, “Whispers of the Old Gods: Task 4” had completion criteria that didn’t match its text.
  • Fixes a bug causing favorite card back selections to not display.

We will update this thread throughout the patch period as we have more information to share.