Update: Cora has clarified her original tweet and stated this might happen when the set rotation happens. See further below for the update. Our original post remains below.

Hearthstone Senior Game Designer, Cora Georgiou, has taken to Twitter this morning to state that Brann Bronzebeard has likely earned himself a vacation. The card has been a complaint in the community, especially in more recent times, and it looks like that hasn't gone unnoticed.

Quote From Cora

I think Brann has probably earned himself a little vacation away from Standard. I'll see what we can do.

Brann was brought back into Standard via the 2022 Core Set after a long time away when he made his original debut in the League of Explorers adventure alongside other fan favourites Elise, Sir Finley, and Reno Jackson. We're fans of the friendly dwarf, however, believe that his time with us has been longer than needed considering the power level of 2022 cards.

Although this is not a promise of removal and instead shows that the developers will at least talk about it, we're curious: do you think Brann needs to be given the boot from Standard? Should all the explorers rotate out of the core set in April 2023? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Update: Maybe Not

Quote From Cora

Just to be clear, if he goes on vacation it would most likely be when the core set rotation happens with the first set release of next year. I don't want to get any hopes up for something sooner.

Update 2: Tweet Deleted

Cora has deleted the original tweet. Here is her new response.

Quote From Cora

Went ahead and deleted the Brann tweet because it seemed like it was hurting more than it was helping. Never intended to bait people. Just wanted to reassure that we see the Brann conversation, and that he will 99.9% not be sticking around in Core for next year.

A balance patch is coming and outliers will be addressed. Choosing not to rotate Brann early doesn't mean we are ok with the state of certain things, and we're discussing solutions for a number of areas now.