The fine folks over at HSReplay released another popularity animation, this time looking at how class popularity changed over 2019.

  • The year started out strong with Hunters, and they kept that up even after a dip when Rise of Shadows hit.
  • After Rise of Shadows, Warlocks waned in popularity and never really recovered for long.
  • Shamans exploded in popularity at the end of August and they stayed there thanks to Evolve being reintroduced and more OP Shaman "fun".
  • Priests were popular prior to Year of the Dragon starting and tanked with Rise of Shadows. The class regained popularity around September and held it until Descent of Dragons.
  • It is interesting to see Hunter so popular for so long, yet they were never really "overpowered". Cheap decks that work well are the foundation of the class, making it very accessible.

What were some of your favourite decks played during 2019?

What parts of the meta were standout favourites?