In our recent Hearthstone patch, we got seven whole card nerfs, which is sure to have shaken up the meta! HSReplay has highlighted some of the new decks or ones that have been given new life since the patch in a handy infographic, and we've collected the decklists here too for you to take a look at.

If you like the look of the Token Druid but want to push further into control, our recent Meta Breaker looks at a similar Treant Druid list.

Keep in mind of course that the patch is still fresh, so winrates may fluctuate quite a bit, especially between ranks. Keen deckbuilders will want to take advantage of this malleable meta and look for clever replacements to give themselves the edge. Could you be the one to break the new meta?

Handlock - 60.7% Winrate (View on HSReplay)

Malygos OTK Rogue - 58.9% Winrate (View on HSReplay)

Token Druid - 57.5% Winrate (View on HSReplay)

Galakrond Warlock - 56.3% Winrate (View on HSReplay)

Quest Resurrect Priest - 55.1% Winrate (View on HSReplay)