Several Hearthstone community members were in attendance at the 2020 Community Summit where they get a preview of what Blizzard is cooking up for the year and beyond.

Frodan sent out a Tweet today stating he was "still in shock" after hearing what has been planned for this year. I can tell you that last year I was teased with the prospects of the best year of Hearthstone yet and looking back on it, it was indeed an amazing year for Hearthstone. With knowing how invested Frodan has been into Hearthstone since its announcement, him feeling comfortable enough to tease the community as a whole today says something big.

An announcement is coming "soon", whatever that means.

What do you want to see out of Hearthstone this year? What do you think Blizzard will do with the game?

Quote From Frodan

Still in shock after hearing what's planned for @PlayHearthstone 2020. The developers remain as passionate as ever. They haven't given up on the game. Not even close. If they can execute, this will cement Hearthstone for the next decade. For new, returning, and veteran players.

When do us normals get to find out?

Pretty soon. They didn't have everything 100% prepared so obviously it's not ready for the public to see, but they gave us a rough timeline of what's happening.

I don't wanna get in trouble and promise a date on their behalf…but the closest thing will be very soon.

Kripparrian Talks Community Summit

Quote From Kripparrian

We had an awesome time at the HS summit. You all should be very happy with what is coming to Hearthstone soon. Will be about 2 hours late for today's stream.

DreadsGaming Talks Community Summit

Quote From DreadsGaming

Just like me, this water bottle is leakproof ūüôÉ

Lots of cool stuff coming to  @PlayHearthstone in the coming year and I can’t wait for you all to hear about it!

Tiago Taparelli of HSReplay Talks Community Summit

Quote From Tiago Taparelli

I’m really impressed with what the @PlayHearthstone team presented today. Can’t go into specifics but it’s safe to say 2020 will be a great year for the game!


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