Summer Game Fest: Devolver’s Marketing Countdown to Marketing Live Recap

Continuing with the third part of today’s stream from Summer Game Fest, Devolver Digital’s Marketing Countdown to Marketing is live!

Cult of the Lamb

  • City-management + top-down action game where you control a cutesy lamb with demonic powers
  • August 11 + Demo available on steam
  • Made by Massive Monster

Anger Foot

  • Hectic FPS from the creators of Broforce
  • Made by Free Lives

Card Shark

  • Hand-drawn adventure game where you help people cheat at card games.
  • Available now, demo available.
  • Developed by Nerial.

The Plucky Squire

  • 2D/3D hybrid platformer, where you change between a hand-drawn 2D plane and a 3D platformer.
  • Developed by All Possible Futures.

Skate Story

  • Skateboarding game in a surreal, stylized landscape.
  • You control “a man made out of glass and pain”.
  • Music by Blood Cultures.
  • A game by Sam Eng.

That’s it from Summer Game Fest for today! Tomorrow we’ve got the Netflix Geeked Week: Gaming, which will preview a bunch of new shows, but more importantly games coming on Netflix, which is sure to be interesting. After that, we’ll have the Tribeca Games Spotlight, featuring exclusive creator interviews from Tribeca’s “official selections”, so expect some juicy developer commentary on some upcoming titles!

Did you enjoy the first day of Summer Game Fest? Is there any game you’re particularly excited for? Let us know in the comments below!