The duplicate protection against Legendary cards that we've enjoyed so much in Hearthstone since its arrival back in 2017 has been extended to Epics, Rares, and Commons!

This is the single largest economy update Hearthstone has had in the entire history of the game. No more cursing at your card packs when you open up that same epic 5 times during the opening of your pre-order bundles. This also means that Hearthstone has become much cheaper to get into on the lower-end of things because your money will consistently go into new cards!

Here is how it works:

  • When you open a card pack, if you already own 2 of a particular Common, Rare, or Epic card, that card cannot appear in the pack.
  • As soon as you have opened all the cards from a certain rarity, you will begin to receive duplicates again.

Keep in mind that cards and their golden variants are considered the same, exactly how this worked with Legendary cards, so don't expect to open a golden version of a card if you've already opened the maximum playable copies of that card - that is until you've opened all the cards from that card's rarity.

What do you think of the changes to rarity drop protection?

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