Blizzard has made an announcement regarding Fireside Gatherings and the Ashes of Outland Expansion. All Public gatherings have been cancelled and cannot be created.

  • This is a temporary measure. Public Fireside Gatherings will return in the future.
  • You will still be able to create your own Private Fireside Gathering to open your Ashes of Outland packs early.
  • Playing in a Private Fireside Gathering also allows you to play Demon Hunter vs the AI.

Opinion: Although this isn't everything I wanted to see out of Fireside Gatherings for the pre-release, this is the right thing to do.

Quote From Kurt Ocher

In light of the ongoing global health risks associated with in-person gatherings, we are cancelling official Fireside Gatherings for the near future and disabling the ability to create public events. Additionally, any existing public events will be converted to private events.

We do however want individuals at home to have an opportunity to partake in the upcoming Pre-Release weekend, so we’ll be keeping private event functionality intact. Players can register their own one-person event, which still allows the early opening of Ashes of Outland Card Packs the weekend of April 3 – 6, along with a first taste of Demon Hunter gameplay versus AI.

Over the next week we’ll be implementing this transition of currently scheduled events to private status. Thank you all, innkeepers and patrons, for understanding. We’ll see you in the virtual tavern!