Free Epic Games Store Titles For Week 4 – Adios and Hell is Others

It’s that time of the week again, where Epic Games gives us a couple of free games to add to our collection. Today, the name of the (metaphorical) game is “murder”, but in completely different ways. Let’s get into it!


You are a pig farmer. In your free time, you disposed of bodies for the mob. You decide you no longer want to do that. You’ll spend the rest of this walking sim in conversation with a would-be killer, trying to talk your way out of your morbid “side-hustle”.

Hell is Others

You are an ordinary man, trying to live your ordinary life with your bonsai tree. Unfortunately for you, you live in Century City, a place where everything, including your tree, yearns for blood. Every night, you need to go out there and scavenge for supplies, while engaging in PvPvE combat against other players and the monsters in Century City.

Adios and Hell is Others are free to claim until Thursday. Next week, we keep the murder chain going with City of Gangsters and Dishonored: Death of the Outsider.

Game Pass Adds 9 Games in the Second Wave of January

Hot of the heels of their first ever Developer Direct, Microsoft is giving us an update to their Game Pass service, adding 9 games by the end of the month or early next month, though a number of these are already available on some platfoms. As usual, you can check out our Game Pass vs PS Plus article to get an idea of how the two services compare. Let’s get into it!


Jet Set Radio meets MadWorld meets Crypt of the Necrodancer in this Rhythm Action game that was just announced yesterday. We have a dedicated article on the game if you want to take a closer look.

Available right now on PC, Xbox Series X|S, and Cloud.

GoldenEye 007

Well, this is an odd one. GoldenEye 007 is a tie-in video game for the GoldenEye movie from 1995, and is considered one of the best first person shooters of all time. It was originally exclusive to the Nintendo 64, but Microsoft bought Rare, the developers, in the early 2000s, so now it’s coming to Xbox consoles with achievements, 4K resolution, and a smoother framerate. Oh, and split screen, naturally.

Available for Console and Cloud on January 27th.


Staying in the FPS genre, Roboquest combines shooting with roguelite elements and an art-style reminiscent of Borderlands to create a unique and engaging experience. You can play solo or in 2 player co-op as you fight hordes of enemies as a big robot with a bigger gun.

Available now on PC and on Console on January 30th as a Game Preview (still in development, but playable).

Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition

The classic real time strategy game that lets you control various historical factions as you attempt to conquer your enemy. The game is now also coming to consoles, offering controller support so you can order your troops around from the comfort of your couch.

Available now on PC and on Cloud and Console on January 31st.


Sticking in the realm of strategy games, Inkluminati sees you controlling your troops in a 2D plane rather than the classic isometric map. Your army consists mostly of anthropomorphic animals drawn in the style of medieval manuscripts.

Available now on PC and on Cloud and Console on January 31st as a Game Preview.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure All-Star Battle R

A fighting game featuring characters from across all of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures. Take control of one of over 50 characters, and use your Stand, Hamon powers, or ZA WARUDO to take down you opponent in stylish and colorful combat.

Available now on PC and on Cloud and Console on January 31st.

Darkest Dungeon

A dark and unsettling roguelike dungeon crawler where the sanity of your party is as important as their health. Take a group of 4 down in the deepest depths of terrifying dungeons, where they will be put up against horrors beyond imagination, as their sanity is stretched to the breaking point.

Available now on PC and on Cloud and Console on February 2nd.

Grid Legends

The latest and greatest driving sim from the Grid series. The game is already available on PC and Console, but it will be coming to cloud soon as well.

Available on Cloud on February 2nd for Ultimate subscribers (via EA Play).

Hot Wheels Unleashed – Game of the Year Edition

Take your favorite licensed toy car and zoo- wait a minute… This seems familiar. Yes, this game was supposed to come out with the December update, but it got delayed for some reason. Here’s our excerpt on the game down below!

Take your favorite licensed toy car and zoom on one of various Hot Wheels race-tracks, or make your own in the track editor. The GOTY edition contains 3 volumes of DLC vehicles, including some for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, some Street Fighter characters, and various DC superheroes.

Game Updates and Ultimate Perks

  • Game Updates:
    • Sea of Thieves: The Secret Wilds – Limited time adventure, lasts until February 2nd.
  • Ultimate Perks:
    • The Elder Scrolls Online: Ancient Dragon Hunter Armor – In-game Armor Set. Available now.
    • Black Desert: Special Gift Bundle – Gift Bundle to celebrate the launch of the game’s 25th class. Available now.
    • Vigor: Norwegian Woodchuck Pack – Exclusive outfit, weapons, and a Special Issue Crate.

Leaving the Service

The following games will be leaving the service on January 31st, so make sure you tie up any loose ends before then:

  • Donut County (Cloud, Console, and PC)
  • Taiko no Tatsujin: The Drum Master (Console and PC)
  • Telling Lies (Cloud, Console, and PC)
  • Worms WMD (Cloud, Console, and PC)

What do you think of this selection of games? Any other you’d like to see added to the service? Let us know down below!

Microsoft and Bethesda Present Hi-fi RUSH, a New Rhythm Action Game From the Creators of The Evil Within, Out Today!

Well, this is an unexpected surprise! We have a new game from the creators of The Evil Within series, but it’s basically the opposite of those games in atmosphere, art-style, and gameplay. Hi-Fi Rush sees players take the role of Chai in a colorful sci-fi world.

The game reminded us of MadWorld combined with Jet Set Radio, with some Crypt of the Necrodancer rhythm combat. The music doesn’t restrict your movement, but synchronizing your hits to the beat is going to make taking down your enemies easier.

The art-style is cell-shaded, with very expressive facial and body animations from the characters. If you’ve grown tired of hyper-realistic graphics, this is going to be a breath of fresh air. The music, at least from what we’ve heard, is a banger, and will make your neck hurt from all the bopping.

So, when is the game launching? Well, if it’s not out by the time this article goes up, it’ll be in a few hours. Yes, Microsoft decided to reveal and launch this game at basically the same time, and you can play it immediately if you have Game Pass.

What do you think of Hi-Fi RUSH? Are you gonna give it a shot when it launches later today? Let us know in the comments below!

Free Epic Games Store Titles For Week 3 – Epistory: Typing Chronicles

It’s that time of the week again! Epic is giving us a single title this time around, but it looks like a fun and unique one. Let’s get into it!

Epistory: Typing Chronicles

This is a typing game set into a world that looks to be entirely crafted out of origami. The story centers around a writer that lacks inspiration and a muse who must help them gain it, and you experience it all, from moving to combat to opening chests, by typing on your keyboard.

Epistory: Typing Chronicles is free to claim until Thursday. Next week, we say Adios… Well, not really, that’s just the game’s name.

Free Epic Games Store Titles For Week 2 – First Class Trouble, Gamedec Definitive Edition, and Divine Knockout

It’s Thrusday, and you all know what that means! We have two free games from the Epic Store, and they both deal with AI and androids, albeit in very different ways. Let’s get into it!

First Class Trouble

A social deduction game where players must take down a rogue AI on a cruise ship. Careful, though: One of the players is a so-called “personoid”, an android that looks like a human, whose purpose is to kill the other humans before the main AI is taken offline. Will the humans be able to escape the ship, or will the robots take them out one by one? It’s up to you!

Gamedec Definitive Edition

Do you crave a Cyberpunk RPG where you have multiple paths to complete your objective? Then Gamedec is for you! Play the role of a detective in a world where people solve digital crimes, while getting into the typical conspiracies of the Cyberpunk genre.

Divine Knockout (DKO)

From the creators of SMITE comes a platform fighter similar to Smash Bros., except in third person instead of from the side. The game is fun from the limited amount we played, but its inclusion here is odd, as the game is already free and this isn’t the Founders Edition that was given on PS Plus last month.

Divine Knockout is currently in beta.

First Class Trouble and Gamedec Definitive Edition are free to claim until Thursday. Next week, we type an epic story with Epistory: Typing Chronicles.

PlayStation Plus Adds up to 13 Games to Service, Including Back 4 Blood, Devil May Cry 5, and Dragon Ball FigtherZ

The new year is here, and it brings with it a new wave of PS Plus games! This is about the Extra and Premium games, as the Essential titles were announced late last month. As usual, you can check out PS Plus vs Game Pass article to see how the two stack up. Let’s get into it!


All the games in this section are also available for Premium subscribers. PS4 games also work on the PS5, unless otherwise specified.

Back 4 Blood (PS4, PS5)

The spiritual successor to Valve’s Left 4 Dead series, this is a co-op shooter where you and up to three friends (so 4 total) go up against hordes of zombies. The title isn’t as well regarded as its influence, but it’s still a good time.

Dagon Ball FighterZ (PS4)

The latest and greatest Dragon Ball Z fighting game. Play as you favorite Dragon Ball characters across a variety of game modes, including an original story with characters whose creation was supervised by Akira Toriyama himself, and an art-style that captures the anime flawlessly while still keeping its 3rd dimension.

Devil May Cry 5 (Special Edition for PS5, Standard Edition for PS4)

The latest entry in Capcom’s Spectacle Fighter, DMC5 will let you slice and blast demons as Dante, Nero, and newcomer V. You can also play a parallel campaign as Virgil. The game brings the high-octane action and edgy music that fans of the series love.

Life is Strange and Life is Strange: Before the Storm (PS4)

A duo of point-and-click adventures in the style of Telltale Games. You follow a group of teenagers, some of which have supernatural powers, as they try to live their lives while the world around them throws curveball after curveball.

Sayonara Wild Hearts (PS4)

Update: The game was added by mistake and was removed from the list. We can probably look forward to it in the following month.

A rhythm game full of color and neon lights. The game is really short, only about an hour and a half to finish (over 9 hours to complete), so you can enjoy it in an afternoon if you want a break from 30+ hour AAA titles.

Slight epilepsy warning for the trailer. It’s not too bad, but better safe than sorry.

Jett: The Far Shore (PS4, PS5)

A sci-fi game about carving a future for a people that was hunted into oblivion. The game sees you aboard a titular Jett as you explore a vast landscape, not having to worry about combat… well, for a while, at least.

Just Cause 4: Reloaded (PS4, PS5)

Update: There is no PS5 version of the game. It’s a mistake on the blog’s part that has now been corrected.

Explore and blow-up an open-world as Rico Rodriguez, in your quest to liberate a South American area from oppression. The game keeps the high-octane gameplay of the previous titles, as you zip-line and glide your way across the map.

If you want to stream the game, you’ll have to make do with the base version of the game.

Omno (PS5)

A single-player adventure where you explore a unique and stylish world full of vibrant and exquisite life-forms. The movement in the game is very smooth and quick, letting you almost glide across the map, as you fight enemies and solve puzzles.

Erica (PS4)

A Full-Motion Video Game (everything is live-action) thriller about Erica and her quest to find out who killed her father. Since there are mystery elements involved, it’s best to go into this one blind.


All the games in this section have been enhanced with up-rendering, rewind, quick save, and custom video filters.

Syphon Filter 3 (PS1)

Rounding up the Syphon Filter trilogy on PS1, the third title in the series continues the story of the first two games, who center on Gabriel Logan and his team of special agents. If you haven’t played the previous two games, you should probably do that before getting into this one.

Star Wars Demolition (PS1)

Vehicular combat using various Star Wars vehicles. Not much to say about this one, it’s as fun as that premise can get. Apologies for the sound on this one, the game is real old and finding trailers for it isn’t easy.

Hot Shots Golf 2

It’s a golf game. Again, not much to say, aside from the fact that the roster of playable characters seems varied and fun.

What do you think of the first month of PS Plus Extra titles? What are you hoping for in 2023? Let us know in the comments below!

Game Pass Adds 6 Titles to the Service, Including Monster Hunter Rise and Two Persona Games

New year means new games on Game Pass! The first wave of January is a little light, 3 new games on the service and 3 more coming later, but the titles added are fairly high quality. Let’s take a look!

Mortal Shell: Enhanced Edition

A Souls-like where you take control of various characters (the titular shells) for various power-ups. The game features a dark and foreboding world that will test your combat skill all throughout.

Available now on PC, Cloud, and Console.

Stranded Deep

A survival game set on a tropical island in the middle of the ocean. Survive on the island, build a new home for yourself, and find a way to escape the scorching sun and salty seas and return to civilisation.

Available now on PC, Cloud, and Console.

Persona 3 Portable & Persona 4 Golden

Persona 5 is one of the most well-loved turn-based RPGs of all time (and the Royal version is also on Game Pass), but its predecessors are no slouches. 3 Portable and 4 Golden use a similar style of gameplay where it’s split between interacting with your friends during one half of the game and exploring elaborate dungeons during the other.

Available on PC, Cloud, and Console on January 19th.

Monster Hunter Rise

The latest entry in the monster slaying series. As the name implies, you get to hunt gigantic monsters with a wide variety of weapons and classes. If you’ve played Monster Hunter World, this is very similar, albeit more fast-paced.

Available on PC, Cloud, and Console on January 20th.

Game Updates

In terms of updates to existing titles, Vallheim gets a new biome for you to explore in the form of the Mistlands. That’s about it. Yeah. Did we mention this is a light update?

Leaving Soon

The following games will be leaving the service on January 15th. If you have any unfinished business in them, now’s the time to wrap it up.

  • Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc (Cloud, Console, and PC)
  • Nobody Saves The World (Cloud, Console, and PC)
  • Pupperazzi (Cloud, Console, and PC)
  • The Anacrusis (Game Preview) (Cloud, Console, and PC)
  • We Happy Few (Cloud, Console, and PC)
  • Windjammers 2 (Cloud, Console, and PC)

What do you think of this month’s offering? What other games do you want to see added to the service? Let us know down below!

Free Epic Games Store Titles For Week 1 – Kerbal Space Program and Shadow Tactics: Aiko’s Choice

New year, new free games! As we begin our journey into 2023, we have two games to accompany from the Epic Games Store, one about reaching to the stars, and another about staying low to the ground in order to get your target. Let’s get into it!

Kerbal Space Program

You’re an astronaut. You have one mission: Get to Space! Well, two missions: Get to Space and Don’t Blow Up. As the name implies, Kerbal Space Program sees you building various space-ships and shuttles in an effort to break the planet’s gravity. Your first… few… dozen ships will blow up, but that’s the best part about video games: You can keep trying until it works!

Shadow Tactics: Aiko’s Choice

A standalone expansion to Shadow Tactics: Blade of the Shogun, which was given away for free back in November. This expansion, which can be played without requiring the main game, focuses on Aiko, one member of a team of 5 very distinct assassins in Edo Japan, as they coordinate to take down their enemies in a stealthy manner.

Kerbal Space Program and Shadow Tactics: Aiko’s Choice are free to claim until Thursday. Next week, we’re getting into First Class Trouble.

Epic Games Sale Is in Full Swing – Save 25% Off Any Order When Spending More Than 15 USD

The Epic Store December giveaways may be over, but the sale is in full swing, and we have a bunch of games for you to check out! In addition to all the sales, there’s a coupon given to all Epic accounts that slices your final price by a quarter.

The sale ends on January 5th, so there’s plenty of time to browse the store. All prices shown are in USD. Also, a lot of these games are on sale on other stores/platforms as well, but they don’t benefit from the coupon we’re about to look at. Without further ado, let’s get into it!

Epic Coupon

Before we’ll get into the games, let’s talk about the Epic Coupon. This is a Coupon that’s added to everyone’s account and is available for the duration of the sale. It’s automatically applied at checkout when spending over 15 USD or your regional equivalent.

You can check Epic’s official page to see your regional threshold, as well as claim the coupon if it wasn’t added to your account. The coupon only applies to already released games, regardless of if they have another discount, but it does NOT apply to pre-orders, DLC, or in-game purcahses.

Marvel’s Spider-Man

Spider-Man’s most recent foray into the world of video-games, and quite a successful one. The game was a PlayStation exclusive for a while, but now it’s available on PC, and Epic offers a pretty good price for it. The game sees you play as Spider-Man, roaming the streets of New York, while a new threat emerges to challenge you and the city.

The stand-alone expansion Miles Morales is also available in the store. This one focuses on the titular Miles, who must protect the city Peter goes out of the country, all while dealing with the threat of The Tinkerer. Shorter than the original, but still a fun time, and Miles has it’s own set of moves and powers that make him distinct from Peter.

Spider-Man currently 44.99, down from 59.99. The coupon brings the game down to 33.74 USD. Miles Morales isn’t on sale, but the coupon brings the price down from 49.99 to 37.29.

Sony Games

Changing gears towards original Sony IPs, we have 3 games to look at. The first two, Horizon: Forbidden West and God of War (2018), are some of the best titles from Sony’s last generation of consoles. The former is an open-world survival game that sees you walking across post-apocalyptic earth and facing off against robots that behave like wild animals.

The later is a continuation of the original God of War trilogy on the PS2 and PS3, set in a new part of the world, and deviating greatly in terms of gameplay, presentation, characterization from what came before. It won Game of the Year at the 2018 Game Awards, and for good reason.

Finally, there’s Sackboy: A Big Adventure, which sees you taking control of Sackboy, the mascot of the Little Big Planet games. Unlike those, A Big Adventure is a 3D collectathon platformer in the vein of Mario Odyssey or Banjo-Kazooie. The game is very colorful and cartoony, a nice break from the hyper-realistic titles that have come out recently.

The game is 40.19, down form 59.99. With the coupon applied, it goes down to 30.16.


Taking a break from the AAA space, we have Wavetale, a cell-shaded adventure game where you run across an ocean to fight evil and save the world with fluid movement and combat. The game was stuck as a Stadia exclusive for a while, but it’s now released on other platforms as well.

The game is not currently on sale, but with the coupon applied it goes from 29.99 to 22.49.

Solar Ash

Speaking of great movement, Solar Ash can best be described as the love child of Shadow of the Colossus and Jet Set Radio. You’ll traverse the world to get to titanic enemies that you must climb on. Once there, you’ll run from weak-point to weak point on the surface of the titans, bringing them down. All while experiencing a story of loss and starting over with what you have.

The game is 23.99, down from 39.99. The coupon brings it down to 17.99.

The Pathless

Another game about taking down big creatures while moving around at breakneck speed. Unlike our previous entry, The Pathless is more puzzle-focused, and you actively hunt your enemies rather than run on top of them. You also get a pet eagle that you can use to solve puzzles and reach high platforms.

The game is 19.99, down from 39.99. The coupon brings it down to 12.99.

Immortals: Fenix Rising

Getting back into the AAA space, Ubisoft games are usually heavily discounted during this time. The Assassin’s Creed, Far Cry, and Watch Dogs series are almost all on sale anywhere from 50 to 80%, with their latest titles, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Far Cry 6, and Watch Dogs Legion going for 65-75% off. And that’s without taking the coupon into account.

That said, we’d like to shed the spotlight on Immortal: Fenix Rising. The game flew under the radar because it was dismissed as a Zelda: Breath of the Wild clone and released a week before Cyberpunk 2077. But Fenix is a good time, with fluid combat, a large world, and a neat story that pokes fun at many aspects of Greek myth. Don’t sleep on this one!

Immortals: Fenix Rising is 14.99 for the standard version and 24.99 for the Gold version, which includes all DLC. This goes down to 11.24 for the standard version and 22.74 for the Gold version after the coupon.

Cyberpunk 2077 and The Witcher 3

Speaking of Cyberpunk, CD Projekt Red’s latest RPG is half off. The game offers players the chance to explore a city filled to the brim with the best things you’ll find in a cyberpunk setting: augmented humans, neon aesthetics, corporate overlords, and funky guns. It had a rocky launch, but the devs fixed many of the technical issues with the game and now it’s a good time.

If fantasy is more your thing, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is down 80%. This is considered by many to still be one of the best RPGs of all time, as you take Geralt on a quest to fight inter-dimensional elves and collect as many Gwent cards as possible, all while exploring an idyllic land inspired by East European folklore.

Cyberpunk Goes from 59.99 to 29.9, while The Witcher goes from 49.99 to 9.99. After the coupon, the prices go down to 22.49 and 7.49, respectively, though you’ll need to buy something else for the additional discount on the Witcher.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

The latest single-player experience in the Star Wars universe, Jedi: Fallen Order combines souls-like combat and a metroidvania-style map for a unique experience. It takes place 5 years after Revenge of the Sith, and follows Cal Kestis as he tries to escape the Imperial Inquisition and rebuild the Jedi Order from scraps, all while exploring various planets in the Star Wars mythos.

The game is down by a whooping 88%, from 39.99 to a measly 4.79. You can bring that down even lower to 3.59 with the coupon, but you’ll need to get something else as well. If you’re a PlayStation player and are subscribed to Essential or higher, the game will be offered for free next month, so keep that in mind.

Death Stranding: Director’s Cut

This one’s a little awkward. Death Stranding was offered as the free game for Christmas. However, there was a bit of a mix-up, as they offered the Director’s Cut initially, but it was supposed to be the standard edition. Eventually, this issue was “fixed”, and most people claimed the standard version of the game.

If you missed out on the giveaway (understandable, it was Christmas), you can get the Director’s Cut for 40% off (you can’t purchase the standard version). It’s a great game, though not for everyone. If you did get the game on the 25th, the upgrade to the Director’s version is also discounted by 40%, and it includes additional content, as well as better performance and support for Ultrawide monitors.

The game costs 23.99, down from 39.99, and goes further down to 17.99 with the coupon. The upgrade for the standard version goes from 9.99 to 5.99, but it’s not eligible for the coupon.

Sonic Games

Let’s end things with a blur! A blue blur, that is. Unfortunately, Sonic’s latest and greatest game, Frontiers, isn’t available in the store, so you can’t use the coupon to reduce its cost. Thankfully, there’s plenty of other great games, all of them at least half off.

First off, there’s Sonic Origins, which is a compilation of Sonic 1, 2, 3 & Knuckles, and CD, all in one spot. It’s worth noting that these games have been released A LOT, usually in larger collections, so you can probably find them for cheaper than here.

Up next, we have Sonic Mania, a great tribute to the classic games with modern pixel-art. This one is off by 75%, and it’s an absolute steal, being one of the best 2D Sonic games in recent memory.

Finally, there’s Sonic Colors: Ultimate, a remaster of the 2010 game. This one of the better 3D Sonic games, and it introduces the whisp power-ups to the Sonic formula. Ultimate brings enhanced 4k graphics and support for 60 frames per second.

Sonic Mania is 4.99, down from 19.99, with the coupon bringing it to 3.74, assuming you spend at least 14.99 total. Both Origins and Colors go from 39.99 to 19.99, and then go further down to 14.99 with the coupon. The later two games both have Deluxe version that cost 16.87 after the coupon is applied, and come with addition music and, in the case of Origins, harder levels, among other things.

What we’ve shown here barely scratches the surface on what’s in the store, so go take a look yourself. This is going to be the last article of 2022, so, in lieu of asking what you think of these sales and such, we’ll just wish you all a Happy New Year! Out of Games will be back in 2023 in full force, and we hope to see you all there!

PlayStation Plus Essential Games for December 2022 – Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, Fallout 76, and Axiom Verge 2

Merry (late) Christmas! We have the line-up for the first 3 games coming to PlayStation Plus in 2023. This month, we have 3 sci-fi games in very different settings, be it a galaxy far far away, a not-so-distant post-apocalyptic future, or an alternate reality.

The games will release on January 3rd and will be available until the next batch arrives. As a side note, you should claim December’s games before they leave, so GO GET ‘EM! Without further ado, let’s get into the new stuff!

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

The latest single-player game in the popular science-fantasy series, Fallen Order takes cues from souls-like and metroidvania games to create a title that greatly expands upon the Star Wars universe. You play as Cal Kestis, a Jedi who travels the galaxy trying to restore his order and reconnect to the Force.

Fallout 76

No, you didn’t skip a lot of Fallout titles. 76 sees players assume the role of a survivor from the eponymous (epnumerous?) vault, in the first multiplayer game in the series. You’ll have to interact with other players are you try to rebuild what’s left of society in a world ravaged by nuclear war.

Axiom Verge 2

A pixel-art metroidvania set in the world of Axiom Verge. The game has little in common with the original Axiom Verge, but takes place in the same world and has the same kind of H. R. Geiger inspired enemies, though the setting is now the outside of a mountain area and the combat is more melee-focused.

What do you think of this lineup of games? Anything else you hope gets added to the service? Let us know in the comments below!