Indie World – Caffee Talk Episode 2: Hibiscus and Butterfly Lets You Return to the Life of a Barista in an Urban Fantasy

Get ready to serve coffee to various mythical creatures trying to survive the life of a big city. Draw images in your coffee to serve to your patrons, while listening to how their day was and trying to cheer them up with you delicious lattes.

Caffee Talk Episode 2: Hibiscus and Butterfly, from Toge Prductions, is coming to the Nintendo Switch in Spring 2023.

Indie World – Take Care of your Very Own Botanical Garden in Botany Manor

If I were a retired botanist, plants is the last thing I’d want to take care of. That doesn’t seem to be the case for Arabella Green, the protagonist of Botany Manor. In this first-person game, you’ll have to solve plant-based puzzles to keep the flora in your manor growing.

Botany Manor, from Balloon Studios and Whitethorn Games, releases on the Nintendo Switch next year.

Indie World – Aka Is a Peaceful Open World Adventure Where Your Goal Is To Find Inner Peace

Explore a peaceful island in your search for inner peace in Aka. Discover the island at your leisure and calm yourself after a long day, all while meeting a vast cast of characters and exploring various environments.

Aka, from Neowiz and Cosmo Gatto, releases on the Nintendo Switch on December 15th.

Indie World – Pepper Grinder Is a Pixel-art Platformer Where You Use a Drill To Move Around

Dig around at the speed of sound in Pepper Grinder, a platformer where you move through the terrain using your trusty drill, Grinder. Explore the world to collect stollen riches while upgrading your drill, all while solving various puzzles and defeating enemies. You even get to pilot a giant mech!

Pepper Grinder, from Devolver Digital, releases next year.

Indie World – Dordogne¬†World Is a Narrative Game About Exploring the French Countryside at Two Points in a Young Woman’s Life

Explore the French countryside in this beautifully hand-painted 2D adventure game. You play as Mimi during two points in her life, as a 10 year old spending time with her grandmother, and as a young adult trying to reconnect to her past.

Dordogne, developed by Umanimation and published by Focus Entertainment, will release in Spring 2023.