Everything You Need to Know From PC Gamer’s PC Gaming Show, Summer Game Fest 2022 Day 3

We’re back with the last segment of today’s Summer Game Fest line-up, the PC Gaming Show! We’re going to be seeing new gameplay, trailers, developer interviews, and more! Here’s everything you need to know.

The show starts at 3:30 PM Eastern, considering our article going live early your waiting room. Refresh for updates!


Tactical Breach Wizards

Tactical Breach Wizards is a small-scale, turn-based tactics game where you play a team of wizards in modern-day tactical gear, breaching and clearing rooms full of armed hostiles by making clever use of interesting spells. It’s still in early development, so everything about it might change!

The Invincible

Rethink human’s dominion in The Invincible: a story-driven adventure set in a hard sci-fi world by Stanisław Lem. Discover planet Regis III as scientist Yasna, use atompunk tools looking for a missing crew and face unforeseen threats. Make choices in a philosophical story that’s driven by science.

  • Developer: Starwind Industries
  • Arriving in 2023
  • Wishlist on Steam

Endless Dungeon

Endless Dungeon is a Rogue-lite Tactical Action game, set in the award-winning Endless universe. Recruit a team of shipwrecked heroes, plunge into a long-abandoned space station, and protect your crystal against never-ending waves of monsters… or die trying, get reloaded, and try again.

  • Release Date is to be announced
  • Wishlist available on Steam

F1 Manager 2022

Make your mark on Formula 1 in the officially licensed F1 Manager 2022. Be the boss of your chosen constructor and pick from a roster of 2022 drivers and staff.

  • Releasing on August 22, 2022
  • Available on Steam (Pre-order for a 10% Discount)

Deceive Inc.

Go undercover as the world’s greatest spies in DECEIVE INC., a tense multiplayer game of subterfuge, deduction, and ingenuity set in the groovy world of international espionage. Disguise as anyone, deploy an arsenal of high-tech gadgets or neutralize the competition. As long as you extract with the objective, no trick is too dirty when you work for DECEIVE INC.

Flintlock: the Siege of Dawn

Join humanity’s last stand as Gods and guns collide in an all-new action-RPG open-world adventure. Your battle begins now.


To survive on a lonely planet, Jan creates alternate versions of himself – the alters. Each alter’s personality is shaped by Jan’s various life paths. The Alters begs a simple question surrounding life-changing moments and the decisions people make: What if…?

Outrider’s Worldslayer

  • Releases June 30, 2022

Potion Craft

  • New updates coming with new mechanics, deeper quest requirements
  • Full release is coming Fall 2022.

Animal Royale

It’s a fight for furvival! Super Animal Royale is a 64-player, frenetic, top-down 2D battle royale where murderous animals fight tooth, claw, and machine gun across an abandoned safari park.

  • Season 4!
  • This weekend they a double XP event running through June 14.
  • Find the game on Steam

Nitro Kid

Nitro Kid is a roguelike deckbuilder set in the neon ‘80s. Build your deck of cyber kung-fu moves, use card combos and fight through the floors of INFINITY tower. Featuring 30+ Synthwave tracks composed exclusively for the game.

  • Demo available on Steam now.


Begin your journey to become a mighty samurai mage! In a blend of adventure, strategy and deckbuilding gameplay, choose how you will follow the way of the Mahoken. Explore the Celestial Islands, build your deck, battle challenging demons, and protect the land from the forces of corruption.

Arma 4 / Arma Reforger

  • Their goal is to restart the series from a technology point of view, and they’ve done that with Arma Reforger.
  • A massive set of new tools that they’ve been building for 5 years.
  • More accessible modding for players to experiment with.
  • Their new engine lets GPUs do more of the computing to improve performance.

Dune: Spice Wars

A 4X real-time strategy game from the developers of the critically acclaimed Northgard. Set in Frank Herbert’s groundbreaking Dune universe, you must lead your faction and battle for control and dominance over the harsh desert planet of Arrakis.

  • Multiplayer update coming on June 30
  • Available on Steam


  • Coming in 2023


  • Retro-style Dream Horror
  • Coming in 2023

I Am Future

  • Coming in 2022.
  • Wishlist on Steam.
  • Welcome to Eden. A bird wakes up a person from hiberation.

Great Houses of Calederia

Great Houses of Calderia is a modern generational Grand Strategy Game set in the fantastic land of Calderia inspired by the Renaissance. Build your family’s legacy of power and rise in the ranks of the Great Houses of Calderia!

Jurassic World Evolution 2: Dominion Biosyn Expansion

System Shock

A first-person fight to the death in the depths of space!

System Shock is the fully fledged remake of the ground breaking original from 1994, combining cult gameplay with all-new HD visuals, updated controls, an overhauled interface and all-new sounds & music; it even has the original voice actor of SHODAN, one of gaming’s most iconic villains. Witness the rebirth of one of the greatest and most influential games ever created.

Falling Frontier


The latest trailer for Immortality, a narrative FMV game from Sam Barlow, creator of Her Story.

  • Releases July 26 on Game Pass, Steam, and GOG.


Grow your business, manage restaurants and nightclubs, make friends and enemies, buy and decorate apartments, go fishing and maybe even find love in Nivalis, the city that stretches from the ocean to the clouds.


Demonschool is a new-style tactics RPG where motion equals action. Defeat big weirdos in between the human and demon worlds as Faye and her misfit companions, while navigating university life on a mysterious island.


Scorn is an atmospheric first-person horror adventure game set in a nightmarish universe of odd forms and somber tapestry.

  • Available October 21
  • Pre-purchase on Steam for a 10% discount

Agent 64 Spies Never Die

A retro FPS inspired by classic 90s console shooters. Explore new locales, accomplish varied objectives and fight against state-of-the-art 1997 enemy AI. Enter a world of espionage and action.

  • Demo now available on Steam

Warhammer 40K: Space Marine 2 interview

Deliver Us Mars

Deliver Us Mars is an atmospheric sci-fi adventure taking you on a suspense-fuelled, high-stakes mission to recover the ARK colony ships stolen by the mysterious Outward.


  • 2 Years ago Frost Giant starts to work on Stormgate.
  • It takes place in a post-apocalyptic setting where fantasy and science fiction collide.
  • The new extinction of humanity happens hundreds of years in the future.
  • The “Infernal Host” is a playable alien race who want to turn Earth into their own.
  • They want to provide different experiences for different kinds of players.
    • Solo and Co-op campaign missions will be available, with new content coming out regularly.
    • They are also creating a competitive experience that will include league play and tournaments inside the game itself.
    • 1v1 and 3v3 will be available for PVP.
  • No pay to win, no NFTs, the game will be free to play though.
  • Stormgate’s team is passionate about mods. They have a custom editor they are working on and they are working on ways for players to share mods with each other.
  • Signup for the Beta, which starts in 2023, at PlayStormgate.com

Laysara Summit Kingdom

Build and expand your very own settlements in high mountains! Carefully plan production chains and satisfy various needs of your three-caste society while dealing with mountain hazards such as weather breakdowns and avalanches. Are you skilled enough to make your town thrive?

  • Releasing Q1 2023
  • Wishlist on Steam

Frozen Flame

A challenging exploration and survival adventure, set in the dying world of Dragons. Only those who harness the power of Frozen Flame have the means to survive the harsh conditions of the realm and able to muster the strength to cleanse it for good.

  • Releases Fall 2022
  • Demo available on Steam

Victoria 3

Paradox Development Studio invites you to build your ideal society in the tumult of the exciting and transformative 19th century. Balance the competing interests in your society and earn your place in the sun in Victoria 3, one of the most anticipated games in Paradox’s history.

  • Wishlist is available on Steam


Trapped in a dark, Victorian city consumed by an ancient curse, you must plan your survival and daring escape using nothing but stealth, an arsenal of eccentric weapons, and your wit in this haunting adventure inspired by the immersive sims and survival horror greats of the late 90s and early 2000s.

  • Demo is available now on Steam
  • Early Access arrives August 16


Norland is a medieval kingdom sim that generates stories. Manage your noble family and face with class society, crime, slave revolts, religious conflict, economic issues, personal relations, treachery, secret murders, and spectacular battles.

  • Releases Fall 2022
  • Wishlist now available on Steam

Core Keeper

  • The Sunken Sea update is available on June 15
  • Available in Early Access on Steam


Hello and welcome to Backfirewall_, a first-person tragicomic adventure set inside a smartphone. You are the update assistant. Solve wacky puzzles to counter the update and save the previous operating system from deletion. The fate of the System is in your hands!


Humans live on a hostile planet. In this survival city-building game, develop your city, face natural disasters, make the right choices. Explore this environment-changing world while keeping your people happy despite extreme weather conditions.

Them’s Fightin’ Herds

Half-Life Alyx: Levitation (Mod)

  • Coming out in 2022

Watch PC Gaming Show 2022 VoD

If you want to watch 2022’s PC Gaming Show in full, check it out below.

Riot Games is Joining Xbox Game Pass, Unlocking All League of Legends Champions & More Across Titles

During Microsoft’s annual Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase this year, Marc Merrill, Co-founder and President of Riot Games, unveiled a huge announcement for their titles – they’re joining Xbox Game Pass!

Across all of Riot’s current titles, “and more”, Xbox Game Pass will be providing huge value for players this Winter, through primarily granting access to content that would normally be paid.

I can’t possibly hold all those unlocks!

Free League of Legends Champions? Sign Me Up!

League of Legends is the big one here, with all 160 currently released champions becoming free to use if you have Xbox Game Pass. The MOBA has been difficult to get into in more recent years with the ever-growing roster of characters to play that are locked behind a length grind of “Blue Essence”, or busting out your wallet. When new champions come out, they do so at 975 “Riot Points”, the premium currency players can obtain through paid purchases or promotions like the current one run by Amazon Gaming. With 1380 Riot Points being $10 USD, this effectively makes a new Champion in the game cost around $7 USD. Of course, that’s not the full story, as older Champions are cheaper than that, and there are a couple of bundles available.

Not that this is a large problem for current players, as those that play the game should be able to earn new Champions as they come out with their saved up Blue Essence from regularly playing the game, in part due to a slower release cadence than in the earlier days of the game, but this becomes a huge pain point for newer players.

Unlocking everything for free though if you have an active Xbox Game Pass subscription, provides next-level value for anyone that has wanted to try the game. Now, if only the community wasn’t so toxic in-game.

That’s not the only game getting free stuff though from the Game Pass deal, like we said before, everything from Riot is getting love.

Everything First-Party Gets Game Pass Love

Everything that Riot creates in-house is going to be benefiting from Game Pass.

  • Legends of Runeterra, their card game, will provide the entire base set of cards.
  • Wild Rift, their mobile and soon console version of League of Legends, will provide their Champion roster.
  • Valorant players will see all Agent characters available.
  • Teamfight Tactics gets some “Little Legends” unlocked from the partnership.

These unlocks will also apply to players on mobile, which shows a deeper integration for Xbox to everywhere that people are playing games. We’ve certainly got nothing against that!

And More?

One of the more intriguing aspects about this is though is the “and more” portion of their promotional image. This could be a callout to the fact that Wild Rift will eventually be making its way to consoles, after Riot said we’d get no updates on that delay this year, or perhaps we’ll be seeing integration with new titles Riot has in the works, like Project L, their fighting game that we got to see a bit of last year during RiotX Arcane.

Though, that could also be the fact that “Players will also receive bonus experience across select titles” according to the official posting on Xbox Wire.

So, are you excited about Riot making its way over to Game Pass?

Riot Games is coming to Xbox Game Pass in Winter 2022.

Summer Game Fest Day 3: Xbox + Bethesda Games Showcase Live Recap

We’re back with another live recap, this time for the Xbox + Bethesda livestream! While this showcase was initially hosted at E3, then took place as a standalone event, it has now migrated to be part of Summer Game Fest. We’re expecting some big news about Starfield, Halo: Infinite and maybe, just maybe, Elder Scrolls VI.


  • New from Bethesda, Arkane Austin.
  • Something’s going on at a chuch, there’s blood and the pastor’s gone missing.
  • It’s a shooter, looks creepy yet the gun is pink and has stickers.
  • Floating monster in the attic. Turns out it’s a… half-werewolf man in his 20s?
  • More of these things show up. “Jacob” also shows up and disintegrates someone.
  • Greetings from Redfall – undoubtedly the city the game takes place in.
  • Enemies are vampires. There’s also cultists.
  • The town is on an island.
  • Remi de la Rosa – engineer, most likely playable.
  • Layla Ellison – Telekinetic Threat in Student Debt.
  • Seems to be a co-op shooter where every player has different abilities.
  • Door that goes somewhere mysterious – into a “collective consciousness”. Could be procedurally-generated?
  • “Stay Alone or Squad Up”.
  • Weapons, upgrades UI.
  • Coming 2023 ob XBOX, PC and ‘the cloud’.

Hollow Knight: Silksong

High on Life

  • Console launch exclusive.
  • Developed by Squanch Games.
  • Morty’s voicing this one.
  • Lots of disgusting monsters. Talking fish.
  • High on Life, coming October 2022 on Xbox, PC and the cloud.

Sarah Bond Enters The Stage

  • She says things like “something we’ve never done before”, “iconic team”, plugging Xbox Game Pass.
  • Marc Merrill, president of games at Riot Games is talking.
  • LoL, Wild Rift, Valorant, Runeterra, Teamfight Tactics coming to Game Pass.
  • Unlock all LoL heroes while you’ve got Game Pass. Other games are also getting similar perks.
  • Promotional trailer for all Riot Games games coming to Game Pass.

A Plague Tale: Requiem

  • Developed by Asobo Studios, Focus Entertainment
  • Bunch of kids walking around. Seems to be A Plague Tale: Requiem again.
  • Alicia killing a bunch of people, sneaking around, lighting people on fire, pushing them into swarms of rats.

Forza Motorsport

  • Cars. Sounds of cars. “Car game music”.
  • It’s another Forza Motorsport.
  • Coming 2023. This one is not labeled with a number, because of course it’s not. Should be the eighth in the series.
  • New [old] track: Maple Valley.
  • Fully-dynamic time of day. Starting to believe this is just a remaster for the new console.
  • Gameplay showcase of a race.
  • A 48x improvement in the fidelity of physics simulation.
  • The ground honestly looks amazing – made through 3D rendering and photorealistic… photo-capture technology.
  • They’re talking about the vegetation a lot.
  • Dynamic weather system available on every track.
  • Changes in time of day also affect temperature, which affects grip on the track.
  • Added depth in car-building.
  • Advanced materials and shaders. Everything looks shiny. Complex self-reflection, ray-tracing.
  • Car damage is reproduced down to the individual scratches. The paint peels away at exposed and raised edges.
  • “Cars reflecting onto other cars”.

Microsoft Flight Simulator

  • Introducing helicopters, gliders.
  • Things are flying. Microsoft Flight Simulator.
  • 40th anniversary celebration, coming in November 2022.
  • Coming to Microsoft Flight Simulator: THE GODDAMN HALO PELICAN. Take my money! Free add-on available today.

Overwatch 2

  • Tracer shows up.
  • “A New Era Begins”.
  • Free to play.
  • People getting arctic weather jackers.
  • Early access on October 4th.
  • New hero: Lady with an axe. A “wastelander”. Interesting hair choice.
  • She’s fighting the Junker King.
  • We don’t have a name for her yet.

ARA: History Untold

  • New turn-based strategy game.
  • Trailer voided by Shorheh Aghdashloo.
  • Historical game.
  • ARA: History Untold.
  • Join the insider program today.

Pete Hines in the House

  • Pete does a quick recap on what we’ve just seen.
  • New trailer for Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle, coming out June 21.
  • Fallout turning 21 this year. Fallout 76 new expedition: The Pitt, coming this September.

Forza Horizon 5

  • Forza turns into Hot Wheels.
  • Available July 19. Actual collaboration with Hot Wheels.


  • A dodo! Munching on a rotten hand with an electrical device.
  • Bigger and bigger dinosaurs. ARK 2?
  • Vin Diesel shows up on the dinosaur. Yep, ARK 2, coming 2023.
  • Fun fact: Vin Diesel is part of the development team for ARK 2.


  • Super disgusting space. Someone’s got a juicy tentacle in their belly.
  • Looks reminiscent of the Necris maps in Unreal Tournament 3.
  • Coming October 22.

Flintlock: The Siege of Dawn

  • A game by A44.
  • There’s pestilence, thanks to ‘the gods’.
  • She kills skeletons and she’s got what looks to be a cute fox pet.
  • She’s got an axe and a gun.
  • She combines with the fox for an aerial dash.
  • Big bugs, giant knights.
  • Flintlock: The Siege of Dawn, coming early 2023.

Minecraft: Legends

  • Developed by Mojang, but maybe not Minecraft?
  • It’s Minecraft, or some form of it.
  • Well-shaded trailer, almost makes you forget how the base game looks.
  • Little spirit that builds a house for you.
  • Minecraft: Legends. A new action strategy game coming 2023.

Lightyear: Frontier

  • Space. But not for long! You just crash-landed on some place. A vibrant planet.
  • Gather resources from the comfortable confines of your mech-suit.
  • It sort of seems like the purpose of the game is to make an honest livin’ farming on some planet.
  • Lightyear: Frontier, coming spring 2023.

Gunfire Reborn

  • It’s all pets.
  • 4-player co-op. Roguelite action.
  • Gunfire Reborn, coming October 2022.

The Last Case of Benedict Fox

  • An old-timey car rushing across hills. Arrives at mansion.
  • It’s spooky. There’s a spooky voice.
  • Character finds his dad (dead).
  • 3D sidescrolling platformer. Lots of tentacles, teeth, and evil purpleness.
  • Coming 2023.

As Dusk Falls

  • Interactive experience all levels of players can enjoy.
  • This game was already revealed on Friday. This seems to be… the same thing again.
  • Solo or multiplayer, up to 8 players.
  • Coming July 19.

Naraka: Bladepoint

  • Console launch exclusive.
  • Naraka: Bladepoint. Battle royale.
  • Cross-play enabled.
  • New campaign mode.
  • June 23, 2022. Included with Game Pass on launch.


  • Takes place in a time when the average lifespan was 25. Everyone looks like they smell.
  • A narrative adventure from Obsidian Entertainment.
  • Out November 22.


  • Disgustingly detailed mosquito.
  • Another one from Obsidian Entertainment.
  • Hey, it’s the one from last year with the teenagers that became ant-sized!
  • Survive the yard against terrifying insects, treacherous wastelands.
  • There’s lots of lasers.
  • Game preview is over.
  • Full release of Grounded in September.

Ereban: Shadow Legacy

  • Searching for Helios. We’ve been here before.
  • Coming 2023.

Diablo 4

  • Furry creature eating the carcass of some poor soul.
  • What looks like Diablo’s Necromancer enters the scene.
  • She’s resurrecting the corpse. This is definitely some Diablo.
  • She, uh, decapitates the dude she just resurrected. Seems a bit of a waste.
  • Necromancer joins Diablo 4 as the final class for launch.
  • Gameplay showcase. There was a blood wave. Lovely.
  • Turn into an ice block and freeze surrounding enemies.
  • Reclaim Strongholds. They become a friendly town.
  • Fully-enabled cross-play on PC and Xbox.
  • Dedicated PvP zones.
  • Endgame: New items, new dungeons, Paragon passive tree.
  • Coming 2023.

Sea of Thieves

  • Get ships, name them however you want, decorate them!
  • Use new cash-in points to sell loot with ease.
  • Season 7 coming out July 21st.


  • Developed by Cococumber Games.
  • This little girl just got pulled into a mirror. She’s in a fantasy world now.
  • There’s a crazy mix of art-styles here.
  • Ravenlok, coming 2023.


  • Console launch exclusive.
  • A light comes down from the sky, hits a canyon pillar, activates a walnut.
  • Walnut births… you?
  • Isometric platformer. Move orbs around to solve puzzles.
  • Yep, it’s all about the orbs. Orbs within orbs within orbs.
  • Spooky bad man outside of the orbverse.
  • Coming 2023.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

  • Lots of gross insects.
  • People being murdered by other people in some pagoda village on fire.
  • Huge monsters. Giant dragon.
  • Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.
  • Coming 2023.

Phil Specter In Da House

  • He’s ‘thrilled’ to bring Wo Long to Game Pass day one.
  • Returning to Xbox from ATLUS: The worldwide RPG phenomenon. Persona 3, Persona 4, Persona 5 coming on all the still relevant Xboxes.
  • Persona 5 coming late this year.
  • A special partnership announcement between Xbox and…
  • Hideo Kojima!
  • They’re working on a completely new game that Hideo’s been wanting to make for a long time.
  • We’ll know about it ‘in the future’.
  • Kojima Productions x Xbox Game Studios.
  • He’s talking about Bethesda now. Starfield when?
  • Extended first look!


  • Starts with a quite from Anatole France. Classy.
  • “Space wonder theme” music plays.
  • The man. The legend. Todd Howard enters the stage.
  • “Our most ambitious game ever”. I keep hearing that.
  • Gameplay reveal starts. You arrive on the mysterious moon of Kreet.
  • May 7, 2330 (hopefully not release date)
  • Seems to be a sulphurous wasteland.
  • There’s a mech friend!
  • Scan nearby thing: It’s a dust root.
  • Creepy crustaceans roam this land.
  • Survey the environment for resources. Then laser drill them.
  • There’s a research lab here, occupied by Crimson Fleet pirates.
  • Time to gear up. Player switches to weapon.
  • Crouches. Stealth is going to be a component.
  • These level 2 pirates don’t seem too dangerous.
  • There’s a sci-fi shotgun.
  • Open closed cases with the “Digipick”. Seems to indeed be Skyrim in space.
  • Exits to a balcony and a pirate ship lands nearby.
  • After some initial encounters, you’re invited to join Constellation, the last group of space explorers. They live in New Atlantis on the planet Jemison.
  • The people of New Atlantis look like regular people, which is a fresh sight to see when so many games come up with the most ridiculous haircuts for “future people”.
  • You can also sign up with the Crimson Fleet pirates.
  • Lots of different monsters. Huge dinosaurs. Gravity-defying artifacts.
  • Their most flexible character creation yet. Biometric ID, body, face, background (bounty hunter, bouncer??), traits (extrovert, neon street rat, kid) that give different advantages.
  • Physical, social, combat, science and tech skill trees.
  • Deep crafting systems: Research projects, weapon mods.
  • Build your own outposts. Seems to be very modular and easy to set up.
  • Hire characters to keep your outposts maintained.
  • You can also build your own spaceships. Choose crewmembers. Completely customize the look and layout.
  • Engines, shields, weapon systems. Get all that figured out because you can also fly the ship.
  • Cue footage of player just faffing about in orbit when suddenly, these damn pirates warp in.
  • Yup, there’s space battles.
  • Fields of giant asteroids. Space stations. Docking between ships (presumably to loot).
  • You can land and explore anywhere on any planet, in over a hundred systems. Over 1000 planets to fully explore.
  • Coming 2023.

That’s all for the Xbox + Bethesda showcase! Join us as we recap the PC gamer show which starts in less than an hour!

Summer Game Fest Showcase: Choo-Choo Charles

Choo-Choo Charles was part of the initial trailer showcase and caught lots of attention through the titular train’s creepy design. Now that the news hype has died down a little, let’s take a look at what the actual scope of the game will be.

For starters, this is an indie game, worked on by a single developer. They went on record saying the game is in its closing stages of development, meaning most of the final features are set in stone for its release sometime later in 2022.

The Premise

Charles is a corrupted take on a childhood icon, partially inspired by Tom Coben‘s animations and Pennywise the clown

You travel across an island on your train, looking for upgrades while defending yourself against a creepy looking spider-train that’s dead set on devouring all of the island’s inhabitants.

Open World

The game takes place on a 6 km2 large map and has you traversing longer distances by train. It’s been confirmed that there will be exploration in the way of side missions provided by NPCs, juicy scrap parts to pimp your vehicle with, and hidden secrets that explore the deeper lore.


On your own, you are defenseless. This means that the remote missions (such as the abandoned mine one shown in the video above) turn into stealth/escape sections, where you are at the mercy of the armed cultists.

Invest in your stats with all the junk you found on the island

The main focus on foot lies in the collection of scrap pieces that are used to either improve various train stats, or repair the health it lost after an encounter versus Charles. Presumably, gathering ammunition will also be a part of this.

Speaking of fighting against Charles, the eight-legged locomotive will be a constant threat looming over you. You won’t be able to be at ease until the end of the game, so the best you can do is hide or deal enough damage, forcing it to retreat for a while.


Thankfully your safe haven comes equipped with a machine gun attached to a mount at the backside. During your travels the train will chug along on its own, which allows you to focus on Charles. It’s been confirmed that three more weapons will be unlocked throughout the game, including a rocket launcher and even a flamethrower.

Frequently Asked Question

Lastly, here’s some quick general facts from the developer:

  • How much will Choo-Choo Charles cost? Around $15-20.
  • What’s the expected playtime for Choo-Choo Charles? 3-4 hours casual, 6-10 hours for completion.
  • Will Choo-Choo Charles have scripted jump-scares? No.
  • Will Choo-Choo Charles have Multiplayer? No.
  • Will Choo-Choo Charles have a Demo? No.
  • Will Choo-Choo Charles have Achievements/Trophies? Yes.
  • Will Choo-Choo Charles have DLC? Maybe. No plans yet.
  • Will Choo-Choo Charles release on consoles? Maybe in the future. For now, PC only.
  • Will Choo-Choo Charles have have VR support? No, probably not.

If you want to learn more about Choo-Choo Charles, consider following the developer on YouTube, Twitter, TikTok, or Twitch.

Summer Game Fest Day 2: Tribeca Games Spotlight

The last SGF event of the day is starting, the Tribeca Games Spotlight! We’ll be covering it live in its entirely. Refresh the page for minute-by-minute updates.

  • It starts with an AirPods musical ad that I was about to comment “this looks like a spoof of AirPod ads”.

Thirsty Suitors

  • Action-adventure RPG about American culture and finding oneself.
  • Takes place in Timer Hills.
  • Jala is the main character.
  • You battle your exes. When you battle, you go into their “personal space” which sounds like Scott Pilgrim.
  • Battles aren’t physical. “Thirsty Taunt” is an ability.
  • Attacks are more like a dance. You send imaginary punches to your ex.
  • The game is developed by Outerloop games.

The Cub

  • Developed by Demagogue Studios, creators of Golf Club Wasteland.
  • Described as “The Jungle Book set in an urban city apocalypse”.
  • The ultra-rich evacuated to Tesla City on Mars.
  • While visiting Earth and playing gold, a science expedition comes upon a mutated kid: The Cub.
  • Brutalist architecture. Modernist architecture. Lots of subtext to be found.
  • The game is an homage to games like Heart of Darkness and Aladdin.

As Dusk Falls

  • Robbery gone wrong. A story that takes places through the decades.
  • Developed by Interior Night.
  • Explores the story of the Walkers and Holes over thirty years.
  • You’ll be stepping in the shoes of different characters.
  • Vince and his family get caught in a hostage situation on their way to Arizona.
  • Another playable character from the other family, Jay.
  • Zoe, third main character, Vince’s dad. She ages from 6 to 19 throughout the story.
  • Game’s story was recorded like a movie, with actors being filmed, then digitized.
  • Vince is voiced by Elias Toufexis, known for voicing Adam Jensen in Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Mankind Divided.


  • Narrative cooking game.
  • Exploring the story of a family and the unique challenges they face.
  • At its core, it’s about the relationship between mother and son.
  • Sound effects was done by recording actual cooking.

A Plague Tale: Requiem

  • Battles, castles, high seas!
  • Developed by Asobo Studio.
  • Gameplay focuses on stealth and survival.
  • The evolution of Amicia in this world is a big part of the story.
  • Comes out in 2022.


  • The devs wanted to add more to the game.
  • The Delicious Last Course comes out on the 30th of June.

Oxenfree 2: Lost Signals

  • The characters are the focus of the first game.
  • The cast of characters is changed from the previous one.
  • Radio allows the players to explore the island in new ways, mainly time travel.
  • Active antagonists that try to open tears in time.


  • Marisa Marcel is a an actress who starred in 3 movies over 3 decades
  • Anonymous donor gave the devs footage for the 3 movies
  • The devs implemented a mechanic that lets you select an image and the game will jumpcut to another clip with that image
  • Lets you create your own montage made out of selected footage.

American Arcadia

  • Everyone is always watching.
  • Arcadia is the most watched reality show on the planet.
  • 70’s retro-futuristic.
  • Trevor has a simple, boring and happy life.
  • Angela is a hacker willing to do anything to save an innocent person (like Trevor).
  • 2.5D side-scroller with chases, puzzles.
  • 3D first-person puzzle gameplay.
  • The dimensions change depending on who you are currently playing as.
  • The soundtrack is a mix of orchestral and electronic.

That was all for this week from Summer Game Fest! The event will resume on Monday with heavy-hitter streams from Xbox + Bethesda and PC Gamer’s PC Gaming Show!

What was your favorite game reveal today? Let us know in the comments below!

Summer Game Fest Day 2: Epic Games Summer Showcase Live Recap

Day 2 of Summer Game Fest continues with the Epic Games Summer Showcase, promising news and updates from games that are launching on the Epic Games Store! You can read our recap of the previous stream, Netflix Geeked 2022, here.

The Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria

  • Dwarves! They’re probably digging to deep again
  • Craft & build, drink ale.
  • The Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria!
  • Coming spring 2023.
  • Epic Games Store PC exclusive.

Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed

  • New showcase on the Ectoplast ghost type.
  • Pokey’s Ecto Torpedo has knockback
  • Brainy throws globs.
  • Slimer has noxious belches.
  • Ectoplast Ultimate casts Slimenado.
  • Launched Q4 2022.

PC Building Simulator 2

  • Open beta now live.

Shoulders of Giants

  • Epic Games Store PC exclusive.
  • Intergalactic tale against good and evil.
  • Releasing 2022.


  • Summer update.
  • New mods: Low gravity, bullet time & more.
  • Coming August 2022.


  • Soul-jumping: Used for traversal or enemy encounters.
  • Coming early 2023.
  • You play as a kid with awesome powers.
  • Turn into a turtle, turn into a barrel. Throw a lamp at your enemies.

Goat Simulator 3 Again

  • New trailer!
  • Exclusive on the Epic Games Store on PC.


  • Coming Q3 2022 to the EGS.
  • Remastered maps.
  • New modes.
  • New battle pass.

Disney Speedstorm

  • Available now.
  • New racing track – The Silver Screen.
  • Race starts by driving into the screen into a black & white map.


  • Coming August 5.
  • Big monsters, big fights.
  • Perfect for your Godzilla/kaiju power-trip.
  • Fights other monsters in a destructible city.

Rawmen: Food Fighter Arena

  • Coming 2022.
  • It’s about throwing food at other players in an all-out brawl.
  • Beta running July 1-3.

Rocket League

  • New rocket pass.
  • Utopia now gilded.
  • Gaudy tournament rewards.
  • Glorious pro tier rewards. Phoenix.
  • Season 7 comes out June 15th.

Fall Guys

  • Trailer taking place in an arena. Balls being thrown.
  • Season 1, free for all, available June 21st.


  • Invitational. First official, in-person FNCS event.
  • Takes place November 12-13.
  • $1 million prize pool.

Coming This Year Segment

  • Rumbleverse: Brawler Royale
  • Touch Type Tale: Strategic Typing
  • PC Building Simulator 2
  • Going Medieval: Colony Building Sim (Early Access now)
  • Alan Wake 2
  • Kid A Mnesia Exhibition: Free to download now
  • Alan Wake Remastered
  • and more, of course.

Rogue Company

  • Being officially launched.
  • New rogue: Duke. Has dashing. Fights with turrets.
  • New battle pass: Wasteland.
  • Free bundle in the shop today.

Space Punks

  • Open beta, play now.
  • New planet: Spor
  • Portal gates opening soon.

Evil Dead: The Game

That’s all for the Epic Games Showcase. Up next, we’ve got the Tribeca Games Spotlight starting in 30 minutes!

Summer Game Fest Day 2: Netflix Geeked Week 2022 Live Recap

We’re back for day 2 of Summer Game Fest! Our first reveal stream is Netflix Geeked Week: Gaming which promises to announce both games and shows being made by Netflix. We’re not sure what to expect either!

While we’re a games website, we will report on any shows Netflix announces this stream in order to provide a thorough recap of the entire event.

1899 (New show from the creators of DARK)

  • Short featurette shown before the official start time of the stream.
  • 1899 was filmed on a state-of-the-art stage in Germany where there’s what I can only describe as a huge curved screen.
  • They use the screen to project backgrounds like the ocean or the desert in real-time, circumventing the need for a green screen.
  • The VFX for the show is being rendered in Unreal Engine.

Stream Intro

  • Geeked Week 2022 is live!
  • Mari Takahashi and Geoff Keighley are presenting from green-screen world.
  • Games based on shows being announced
  • Mobile games coming to Netflix.

Dragon Age Absolution (Show)

  • From Bioware, a Netflix animated series!
  • Magic, fancy golden architecture.
  • Dragon Age Absolution! Coming 2022.

Tekken: Bloodline (Show)

  • Coming 2022
  • The story of Tekken is the longest recorded story in gaming so far.

Shadow & Bone: Destinies (Game)

  • Narrative RPG.
  • Created by Chimera Entertainment.

Too Hot To Handle (Game)

  • Actual real game, coming on Netflix.
  • Dating sim. Innuendos, romance, plot twists. You know what this is.
  • Too Hot To Handle currently has 3 seasons.

La Casa De Papel (Game)

  • Made by Killasoft
  • Comic book art-style
  • Sneak by cameras, crawl through vents, hack security systems, knock out security guards. Feels like Deus Ex.
  • It’s all about the heists.

Queen’s Gambit (Game)

  • Enter the world of Queen’s Gambit.
  • Developed by Ripstone.
  • It’s… chess.
  • Play against opponents online or against characters from the show.
  • You can play in Beth’s house, the orphanage, Las Vegas.
  • Puzzles, challenges to be a feature.

The Cuphead Show! (Show)

  • Now streaming on Netflix.
  • More episodes dropping on August 19th.

Lucky Luna (Game)

  • Developed by Snowman (Scape City).
  • Original, brand-new game for Netflix.
  • Vertical pixel platformer. Story set around uncovering Luna’s past.
  • Hidden dungeons, mythical temples.
  • Story inspired by Japanese folktale “The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter”.
  • Swipe to move Luna around.
  • Dodge enemies, collect pearls.
  • Endless mode: Players compete to collect the most pearls or reach the furthest point.
  • Coming this summer!

Desta: The Memories Between (Game)

  • Already revealed yesterday. Roguelike, sports-themed platformer.
  • Your abilities change from run to run.
  • Will be releasing on Netflix.
  • Developed by UsTwo.

Reigns: Three Kingdoms (Game)

  • Original game could be described as “Tinder for monarchs”.

Terra Nil (Game)

  • Strategy building game with an emphasis on the climate crisis.
  • Turn a barren wasteland into an ecological paradise.
  • Save the environment and get to turn your buildings into an airship, leaving nature to its devices.


  • Dodge the blue beast. Grab fruit. Feed aforementioned beast.
  • Platformer where you just keep jumping up, presumably for infinity.
  • Available right now. Available on the Netflix app.

DOTA: Dragon’s Blood (Show)

  • New teaser.
  • Season 3 dropping on August 11th.

Wild Things: Animal Adventures (Game)

  • Wild things are in trouble
  • Match-3 gameplay.
  • Wild Things: Animal Adventures.
  • Help these cute beasts restore their wildland by matching gems.
  • Comes out later this month.

Sonic Prime (Show)

  • An incredible twist thrusts Sonic into a new adventure.
  • The fate of the multiverse rests in his hands.
  • He’s on a quest to save his friends.
  • Premieres later in 2022.

Games Making their Mobile debut exclusively on Netflix:

Castlevania: Nocturne (Show)

  • Castlevania spinoff! Richter Belmont name-drop.
  • Takes place during the French Revolution
  • Currently in production, probably slated for a 2023 release.
  • By the end of the year, Netflix will have over 50 games on its platform.

Ridiculously Edited Trailer of Upcoming Games on Netflix

  • This trailer was fast. Here’s what we caught .3 second glimpses at:
  • Mahjong Solitaire
  • Immortality
  • Nailed It! – Baking Bash
  • Hello Kitty! game
  • Oxenfree
  • Kentucky Route Zero

That’s it for the Netflix stream! Next up, The Epic Games Store Summer Showcase is starting! You can read out live recap here.

Summer Game Fest: Devolver’s Marketing Countdown to Marketing Live Recap

Continuing with the third part of today’s stream from Summer Game Fest, Devolver Digital’s Marketing Countdown to Marketing is live!

Cult of the Lamb

  • City-management + top-down action game where you control a cutesy lamb with demonic powers
  • August 11 + Demo available on steam
  • Made by Massive Monster

Anger Foot

  • Hectic FPS from the creators of Broforce
  • Made by Free Lives

Card Shark

  • Hand-drawn adventure game where you help people cheat at card games.
  • Available now, demo available.
  • Developed by Nerial.

The Plucky Squire

  • 2D/3D hybrid platformer, where you change between a hand-drawn 2D plane and a 3D platformer.
  • Developed by All Possible Futures.

Skate Story

  • Skateboarding game in a surreal, stylized landscape.
  • You control “a man made out of glass and pain”.
  • Music by Blood Cultures.
  • A game by Sam Eng.

That’s it from Summer Game Fest for today! Tomorrow we’ve got the Netflix Geeked Week: Gaming, which will preview a bunch of new shows, but more importantly games coming on Netflix, which is sure to be interesting. After that, we’ll have the Tribeca Games Spotlight, featuring exclusive creator interviews from Tribeca’s “official selections”, so expect some juicy developer commentary on some upcoming titles!

Did you enjoy the first day of Summer Game Fest? Is there any game you’re particularly excited for? Let us know in the comments below!

Summer Game Fest: Day of the Devs Live Recap

Day 1 of Summer Game Fest continues with Day of the Devs! For our previous recap of all the big trailers and announcements, click here.

Time Flies

  • A game about being a fly.
  • You only live for a little over a minute.
  • You have a “Bucket List” to complete before time runs out.
  • Developed by Michael Frei.

Planet of Lana

  • Platformer where you control a boy and his alien companion.
  • Beautiful hand-painted art-style.
  • Developed by Wishfully.

Choo-Choo Charles

  • Open-world horror game where you fight an evil spider-train names Charles.
  • You control your own train that you use to fight Charles.
  • There’s also on-foot sections where you fight cultists.
  • Developed by Two Star.

Escape Academy

  • Escape room adventure.
  • Devs describe it as “Harry Potter for escape rooms”.
  • Comes out on July 14th.
  • Comes to Game Pass day one.
  • Developed by Coin Crew Games.

A Little to the Left

  • Puzzle game about moving things around.
  • You solve puzzles by arranging items in a particular order.
  • Developed by Max Inferno.

Bear & Breakfast

  • Game about a bear living in the woods with his mom and two best friends.
  • The game is a management sim.
  • There’s definitely a creepy sub-plot happening in the woods.
  • Game launches later this summer.
  • Developed by Gummy Cat.

Animal Well

  • Pixel art Metroidvania.
  • Game seems to be more puzzle- and platformer-focused, with little combat.
  • Developed by Shared Memory.


  • Chill game where you play as a naiad swimming around various bodies of water.
  • Will be available on PC and consoles by the end of the year.
  • Developed by Hiwarp.

Roots of Pacha

  • Village builder and resource management game.
  • Game takes place in the Stone Age as you discover various industrial and agricultural advancements.
  • Demo available today on Steam.
  • Developed by Soda Den.


  • Roguelike, turn-based tactics, sports game.
  • Players switch between the real world and a dream-like world.
  • Combat is done using a ball game.
  • Created by the same studio behind Monument Valley.
  • Developed by Ustwo Games.


  • Game where you move around in shadow as a creature called a Schim.
  • You are separated from your human and must find your way to your owner.
  • During the game, you’ll be helping other Schims.
  • Developed by Ewoud van der Werf.


  • Point-and-click puzzle game.
  • The game is about creating a creature to quell your loneliness by collecting various objects from the city.
  • Developed by Madison Karrh.

How to say goodbye

  • Narrative puzzle game.
  • You help a group of ghosts overcome obstacles by reorganizing the level.
  • Developed by Florian Veltman, Baptiste Portefaix, Arte France.

Little Neno and the Guardians of Slumberland

  • Puzzle platformer, hand-drawn art-style.
  • Kickstarter live now: Link
  • Developed by Die Soft

Devolver Digital’s Marketing Countdown To Marketing (mouthful!) starts in an hour. We’ll be here doing a recap as the onslaught of game news returns!

Update: It started! Click here for the recap.

Summer Game Fest: Day One Live Recap

Summer Game Fest just started and we’re here to recap the livestream! This post will be updated with more information as the stream goes on.

  • Geoff Keighley enters the stage and after a hot minute, we have our first trailer for Street Fighter 6 Guile: Trailer

Aliens: Dark Descent

  • Brand new game announcement. People with very edgy faces; what seems to be a metallic Alien.
  • It’s Aliens: Dark Descent. The two seconds of gameplay in the trailer makes it look similar to XCOM.

Callisto Protocol

  • New footage for Callisto Protocol, first gameplay showcase. If this looks familiar, remember the game is being developed by the creative minds behind Dead Space!
  • Glen Scofield, the man behind Dead Space, enters the stage
  • The gameplay shown is from the first half of the game. New weapon: The Grip. Gravity gun that picks up enemies and shoves them into vents.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

  • CoD: Modern Warfare 2 (yes, a new game with the same name as the old game). General Manager for the game previews the game on a dock, for reasons.

Flashback 2

  • World premiere. Return of an iconic franchise from 30 years ago.
  • Flashback 2!


Fort Solis

  • World premiere. Fort Solis.
  • Troy Baker and Roger Clark enter the stage. They play the main characters in Fort Solis. One of the characters is a remote engineer on some moon. Space engineers seems to be a theme.


  • World premiere, another space game, scored by Mick Gordon.
  • Spooky atmosphere, crouching through vents. Player has something that looks like a Plasma Cutter but is instead just a… camera? Spooky robots seem to be the enemies.
  • It’s called Routine.

Black Adam, for some reason

  • Dwayne Johnson joins live from his phone, topless and jacked, from his gym. He plugs an energy drink. He talks about playing The Foundation on Fortnite. He continues by plugging his upcoming movie, Black Adam.
  • Cue trailer for Black Adam. Not sure why this is showing up here. Starting to believe this is pre-recorded. It probably is.

Outriders: Worldslayer

  • Co-op trailer

Nintendo Switch Coming soon

  • A trailer of lots of upcoming releases
  • Splatoon 3
  • Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak
  • Cuphead in “The Delicious Last Course”
  • CAPCOM Fighting Collection
  • Xenoblade Chronicles 3
  • Promptly followed by an ad for… cartoony 3D renders of Fall Guys?
  • Fall Guys Season 1 available June 21st.


  • Frost Giant Studios! They’re a studio made up of ex-Blizzard devs developing an RTS.
  • Lady looking for something in ruins. Has a stone.
  • Some kind of artifact reforms itself, then a winged demon attacks!
  • D.Va but not D.Va comes to the rescue, fights demon. Basically Starcraft meets Warcraft.
  • Stormgate! “Register for 2023 beta”.
  • “Tim” spawns on the stage. Stormgates are portals that open during massive solar storms and unleash the infernal hosts on future Earth.
  • Human Resistance and Infernal Hosts are the first two playable races revealed for now.
  • Will be free-to-play, no pay-to-win, no NFTs. Co-op campaign, 3-player open-ended co-op, 3v3 for competitive multiplayer but also 1v1, naturally.


  • People boating around to music that is just a vibe.
  • Premise seems to be post-global warming world. Hazmat suits, lots of water in the city.
  • Adventure-strategy game set in a world ravaged by climate change.

American Arcadium

  • You play Trevor, whose life is being televised, with the population giving you upvotes or downvotes.
  • When you become unpopular, you have to run for your life.

Goat Simulator 3

  • Man working out, next to the beach at sunrise. Now he’s jogging.
  • There’s a goat behind him and it’s doing bad things. Goat Simulator 3?!
  • Goat Simulator 3!

Marvel: Midnight Suns

  • Avengers x X-Men x Ghost Rider x Blade vs. Lilith. That’s a mouthful!
  • Master of Puppets playing during the new trailer. Seems slightly remixed with “Avengers-like motifs”.
  • Venom shows up! Lilith shows up too, and she looks quite similar to Diablo 4’s Lilith.
  • There’s Spiderman. A bunch of other people start showing up. Golden Spiderman, ok.
  • Lilith comes back and she’s got… Demon Hulk?!

Neon White

  • Looks rad.
  • PC demo live now on Steam.


  • Megan from Digital Extremes spawns to talk about Warframe.
  • Warframe: The Duviri Paradox.

Honkai: Star Rail

Zenless Zone Zero

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredders Revenge

  • Releases June 26th!

Super People

  • Either enters final beta on August 17 or releases on August 17!

Humankind: Cultures of Latin America DLC

  • Six new cultures from Latin America: Caralans, Nazca, Taino, Inca, Argentinians, Cubans

One Piece Odyssey

The Quarry

  • Launches tomorrow! Stars David Arquette and other famous people.


  • New gameplay & features trailer.

Saints Row Boss Factory Trailer

Warhammer 40,000: Darktide

  • September 15th release date.

Layers of Fears

  • Made in Unreal Engine 5.
  • Third installment in the franchise.

The Last of Us

  • Co-president of Naughty Dog enters the stage.
  • Standalone multiplayer title in development.
  • It’s a big game. Has a story too. No trailer just yet.
Concept art of the mysterious multiplayer game.
  • Filming on The Last of Us HBO show wraps up tomorrow. Promises to be the most authentic video game adaptation yet. Halo just can’t catch a break, eh?
  • Troy and Ashley, voices of Joel and Ellie, enter the stage. They’ll have roles in the TV show.
  • The Last of Us: Part 1 remake trailer. September 2, coming to PS5. Also in development for PC.

That’s it for the first reveal! We’ve got Day of the Devs coming up right now, though! Check out even more game reveals here.