Cheeseburger Except It's Only The Tomato

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Alright, today I'm going to teach you my new recipe. It's called Cheeseburger Except It's Only The Tomato. As the name probably suggests, this recipe consists of a cheeseburger. Only this isn't an ordinary burger because it's just a tomato.

To begin the process of this burger, you're going to want to grab all the usual burger fixins. The buns, beef, the cheese, the lettuce, the onion, and of course, the tomato. You can buy all these ingredients at your local market. You'll have to drive over there, so get in your car, fasten your seatbelt, check your mirrors, and finally begin to start driving.

Begin by shaping the ground beef into round shapes resembling a hockey puck. Heat the stove and cook your ground beef on a frying pan. At least until 160 degrees Fahrenheit is recommended so that the meat is fully cooked and there's no risk of food poisoning. Do remember that some of your ingredients will make the bun soggy if they're directly adjacent to the buns, so consider the order in which the ingredients are stacked to create a moisture barrier against the other ingredients. Now you're going to assemble the burger with the bottom bun on the bottom and everything in between, finally with the top bun on.

Now, here comes the super important part. Throw all of those ingredients away except the tomato. It's very important that you don't throw away the tomato. The rest of the ingredients though, you should dump into the garbage. Why are we doing this you may ask? Well because otherwise you'd just have a regular boring burger, and that's not what this is. We want to be a little more extravagant with this recipe.

So now, with all the ingredients sans the tomato in the garbage, place the tomato on a plate. And there you have it, this is the Cheeseburger Except It's Only The Tomato and you're ready to serve and/or eat it. I see some people ask why they couldn't have just bought a tomato and only used that. What, do you want to complicate the recipe?

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