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MTG's "Adventures in the Forgotten Realms", a crossover set with Dungeons and Dragons, has finally been released on paper. With that, players can finally behold its beautiful artwork in all its cardboardy glory! And for those of you, who want to see even more of it, we've collected some of AFR's official concept art for you to enjoy! This is the second part in a two part series. Here is the first part if you missed it.

In order to have a bit more fun, while going through this huge amount artwork, we decided to embrace D&D's RPG aspect a bit, and turn this into somewhat of a game. We created our characters, faced off some malicious minions and monsters, and found some very special loot.

And now, let us continue...
Our last adventure has left us with an ancient map, that's written in an unknown language. Thus far, all our attempts at deciphering it have been fruitless, and we're left non the wiser. However, there might be one last thing we could give a try...

In the Archives of the Archmage

Not far from here, there's an old tower, that once belonged to a powerful archmage, and has now been seemingly abandoned for decades. It's libraries are said to have amassed the knowledge of the world. We could probably find something there that might help us.

Shall we go?

Arcane Endeavor


We make our way to the tower. Once in there, it doesn't take us long to get to the massive archives.
The sheer amount of tomes and scrolls we find there is unbelievable! Who's got the time to read all these?


Well, with all these old scriptures around, we're bound to find something useful, right?
Let's start rummaging. We'll probably end up spending the entire night here.


Late at night, when dreams touch a studious mind, bouts of inspiration strike.

Ray of Frost


It's not what we're looking for, but learning some magic, while going through these books, could be useful.
This one seems to be a simple ice spell.


Might come in handy against some hot-headed barbarian.

Magic Missile


This one's more offensive.
I've seen quite a handful of spell slingers use that spell.


A tried-and-true favorite of many wizards, whatever their school.

Mordenkainen's Polymorph


Wow, that seems like a really powerful spell! But sadly, I think this one is out of our league.
Mordenkainen... Isn't that the mage who once lived in this tower?


"Your purpose may change along with your shape, but you will serve regardless"



Ah, I think we found a book that could help us translate-
Wait, who's there?!


"Intruders! What foolish reason brings you into my chambers? Answer me!"
Apparently this tower isn't abbandoned after all.


Carefully, and with much humility, we explain what led to our intrusion, and beg for forgiveness.
Despite the angry look on his hawk-like face, the mage shows us some mercy, and shoos us off.

Along the Way

Now that we have the means necessary to read the map, and also gained a bit of knowledge about the art of spellcasting, we can finally embark on our adventure. But beware, it seems like this journey will lead us into dangerous lands, that have become the doom of many unlucky daredevils. You better be prepared!

Who knows who, or what, we'll encounter along the way.

Valor Singer


Hey, over there is another group of adventurers.
That bard is quite enthusiastic, look at her helping out her friends!


"There is only one way forward: into legend."

Skullport Merchant


Low on goods, we decide to visit the shop of a shady town.
The owner looks quite grumpy. Better we don't waste her time.


"Buy something or get out"



We're slowly but surely leaving the more safe parts of this region behind us, and venture deeper into the unknown.
You can tell it's gonna be dangerous out there, when you see trolls like those down the river.


Ughh, I can smell them even from over here.

Goblin-Infested Lands

As we're getting closer and closer to our destination, our surroundings grow more and more uninviting to outsiders. Careful now! These regions are ruled by many cruel and vicious goblin tribes, that are known for attacking and enslaving anyone who dares to set foot on their territory. You must be ready to fight tooth and nail, in case of getting spotted.

Fortunately, it seems like there aren't any goblins around here, so-

Goblin Javelineer


Dammit, speak of the devil!
We stepped right into one of their camps!


These creatures are know for their fierce temper and devilish ingenuity in combat.
Watch out for those crude weapons!


Hate gets you only so far. A pointy stick can close the rest of the distance.

Hulking Bugbear (Variant)


Oh, no! Looks like they're working together with these giant bugbears!
We have no other choice, but to fight these huge barbarians!


Bugbears move with surprising speed for their size and bulk,
a fact that has led to the demise of many unwary adventurers.

You Find Some Prisoners


Whew... What a fight! Learning those frost spells was a really good idea!
Let's check out this camp, now that it is free from those nasty goblins. Look over there! Are those cells?


Prisoners! Quick, someone find the keys for those chains.
These people look so tired and broken. We must be the first kind souls they've seen in months.

The Stranger's Gratitude

Alright, that should be the last ones. It's unbelievable how many have been held captive here, this must've been the camp of a big clan of slave traders or something. Thank god we came here at the right time. Just imagine what these monsters might would have done to these prisoners. Oh, looks like there's two of them that want to thank us for their rescue.

But, who are these strangers? They don't look like ordinary people...

Galea, Kindler of Hope


Galea, a noble elfen knight from a far away kingdom.
She says her expedition team was ambushed one night.


You're free now, brighten up!

Barrowin of Clan Undurr


Barrowin Undurr, a dwarven cleric from waterdeep.
She left her home in search for her missing husband.


Though she's capable of standing up against any kind of foe,
the goblins eventually managed to overwhelm her with their sheer numbers.


Her captors got lucky. Would have been a short fight.



Hey, it seems like humanoids were not the only ones that were captured by these brutes.
Man, how did they manage to put that cat in chains?


This isn't a wild panther. I wonder what happened to its owner.

The Land of Dragons

After long days of traveling, we finally reached our destination. We've been through a lot on this journey already, but do not let your guard down just yet. The most monstrous obstacle might still lay ahead of us. You should know, this realm was once a sprawling kingdom, filled with life and prosperity. That is, untill it was overwhelmed by mighty beasts...

Keep your blades ready, and watch the skies, as we enter the land of dragons.

White Dragon


There's one, over there on the mountain tops.
We better find some small path to get around, otherwise we'll end up as popsicles!


White dragons are unparalleled hunters, keenly focused on slaughtering their enemies.

Black Dragon


Seems like we snuck right into the territory of another one of these monster!
Quite now, let's hide within the undergrowth, to avoid its sinister gaze.


Black dragons revel in the collapse of humanoid kingdoms.

Green Dragon


Oh no, one of these wretched wyrms found some of our party members!
Well, was nice knowing those guys.


Green dragons take special pleasure in corrupting the good hearted.

Blue Dragon


According to the map, we're almost there! We just need to get through-
Huh? That sound... was that a thunder?


We have been spotted!
Look out! It's aiming its lightning filled maw straight at us!


There's nowhere to run or hide now, we'll have to fight this monster!
Give it your best!

Inferno of the Star Mounts


We might have slain the beast, but this fight will not go unnoticed. Expect even more uninvited guests...
Like this giant shadow, up there in the sky!


By god! I've heard legends about this dragon! His mighty roar speaks for his raw power!
But after all we've been through, there's no turning back now. Be ready for the battle of your lifetime!


The ancient dragon Imvaernarhro has earned his fiery nickname.

Orb of Dragonkind


The fight was long and hard, and we've gone far beyond our limits, but at long last we claim victory!
Now, that this monster has taken flight, nothing stands between us and our well deserved treasure.


The artifact, filled with the magical essence of dragonkind itself, shines brightly as we finally hold it in our hands.
Truly a treasure worthy of such an epic quest. Congratulations to everyone who made it till here!

The Artists

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And thus, our little game comes to an end. We hope that you could let your fantasy wander for a bit, while delving into this wonderful world, whos magic has been captured by these fantastic artworks!

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