The arrival of major Hearthstone content updates (plus some considerable bugs) with Patch 23.4 undoubtedly took center stage for now, but finding a moment amidst all of that to have one last look at your current collection could still pay off. 

As it's been almost two weeks since the other notable balance patch took place - with a few crucial nerfs and a large number of buffs. We are only concerned with the first part in this case, as there is no extra dust to be gained from the cards that only became better. Which means there actually isn't a whole lot to go over, only 3 eligible targets:

  • Drek'Thar - Old: Battlecry: If this costs more than every minion in your deck, summon 2 of them.  New: Battlecry: If this costs more than every minion in your deck, summon one of those minions.
  • Multi-Strike - Old: [Costs 1]  New: [Costs 2]
  • Dragonbane Shot -Old: [Costs 2]  New: [Costs 3]

Drek'Thar is a Legendary, on top of its Golden and Diamond versions not being disenchantable (but if you owned the latter, you would've earned a gold refund instead). For most players, the free copy manifesting as a result of the Battle for Alterac Valley event is probably where it's at. In any case, we don't see this former powerhouse around often anymore. 

The other two are just your typical Rares, from two different expansion packs of the ones currently available for Standard format. The blog post for the Patch 23.2.2 read as follows: 

Quote From Blizzard
The above craftable cards will be eligible for full dust refunds for two weeks following Patch 23.2.2 (the only version of Drek’Thar that is craftable is the normal, non-golden version). Any players who own Diamond Drek’Thar at the time that the patch goes live will automatically receive 3,000 Gold when they log in as a refund.

The exact cut-off hour is rarely ever being specified in these cases, but the opportunity window for collecting your current card dust refunds likely closes later today, around the time where Hearthstone patches usually become available in your respective timezone.

Card Nerfs for Voyage to the Sunken City - Round Two

As always, there is no real harm in dusting everything for its full arcane dust value, since you can always recraft any cards at no loss at a moment's notice. Or even pull some of them from your packs in the future, once this opportunity is long gone.

Drek'Thar aside, it's very possible you might have more than a few copies of Rare Multi-Strike and Dragonbane Shot sitting around (that's 100 dust each). Perhaps even an odd Golden version, which is worth about 800 dust. 

Multi-Strike Card ImageDragonbane Shot Card Image Drek'Thar Card Image

Both Aggro Demon Hunter and Quest Hunter have definitely dropped off greatly in the meta standings as a result of these nerfs; you probably shouldn't hesitate whether to disenchant for the time being.

You can always try to find extra copies of these Rare cards from Voyage to the Sunken City and Fractured in Alterac Valley packs, respectively. Or even from existing Standard packs (there is a new Tavern Brawl in town). Also, don't forget to claim your free rewards for the Arena rotation!

Extra Rare Copies? 

Shortly after the release of said balance patch, there was a curious bug with duplicate protection not reapplying correctly. It was hotfixed soon after, but any players who instantly disenchanted all their copies of Dragonbane Shot or Multi-Strike were then able to immediately get them back as 'guaranteed Rares' from their respective packs during this short window of time. Which might've resulted in a lot of added arcane dust for such lucky crowd. 

Refund Command in the Collection Manager

The option has been with us for a good while now, but it never hurts to mention one of our favorite quality of life improvements.

By typing 'refund' in the card collection search box, you are able to easily locate the cards in question and decide whether or not to pull that disenchanting trigger. 

Quote From Blizzard
Searching “Refund” in the Collection will now populate with cards eligible for a dust refund.

P.S. Sometimes you may encounter a rare bug where refundable cards don't show as such or don't display full arcane dust values, even though the refund window is still technically active. Always restart your Hearthstone client and double check again in such cases.

Got your dust refunds secured nice and early, perhaps with an added Golden Rare copy, or still managed to get there at the last minute?