Locations sure are an interesting new idea for Hearthstone. Well, 'new'. I'm sure we can find many analogues from across the card game world - my personal first thought for these types of things will always be Yu-Gi-Oh's Field Spells - and we've seen takes on this type of idea from across the Fan Creations world before, but I have to admit I don't think any of them ever quite did them like Locations ended up. Kudos to the team for coming up with something that they presumably think will be the most balanced but still fun take on the idea.

Conversation this week won't go in-depth on Locations yet - we've seen them all, but I haven't had time to really think about them. Next week, perhaps?

Bounty Cleared

We begin with a congratulations to MrRhapsody for winning the latest WCDC with their Westfall Bounty Hunter!

We'll be taking their suggestions for next week's theme, so look forward to that!

Lords of the Rings

We're off to the realm of Duels Custom Content in the the latest Fan Community Spotlight with an update from someone that was previously covered. It's this week's competition winner MrRhapsody, bringing us a finished set of Elden Ring Duels Heroes!

This is something I love so much about fan content in general. The ability to bring together two things that you love in a celebration of them both is amazing. I've definitely gone on about this before, but it bears repeating that the reason that Hearthstone Fan Creations stuff here or on other sites is able to happen is solely because of the community brought together by the game. You see it across all fandoms, expressed in so many different ways, and it always makes me smile when I take a second to truly think about how many people get joy out of something just like me.

I even love it when it's not something I myself am that familiar with. I've not played Elden Ring myself, but seeing these designs and reading the interview with MrRhapsody just makes me more interested in trying to pick up the game when I finally have a chance.

Make sure you check out the full interview at the link above, as it also contains all the Hero Powers and Treasures for each of the characters. With a game as rich in lore as Elden Ring as the source, there's plenty to check out.

Aiming High

Sometimes you just need a goal to work towards. Why not expand your options by hitting more targets, like say, the banner below?