The newest chapter of the Darkin Saga, Domination, launched last week with three new Champions - Varus, Seraphine, and Vayne. In this post we'll take a look at some of the strongest decks that are centered around Vayne.

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Vayne's Tumble will help the Fated units to snowball out of control alongside the usual buff and other targeting cards of the Demacia/Targon combination. Pantheon approves.


Early Zed level-up can get very frustrating to your opponent - even more so if that Zed has an Equipment and it keeps attacking 1-2 times every turn. Elusives provide a good alternative Tumble target.


Rumble is Tumbling in this deck that aims to Overwhelm your opponent early with constant pressure. Reforge cards create Discard targets as well as an additional source for giving the Tumbling units Overwhelm.

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Fish Fight has taken over from Single Combat in this Fiora combo deck where Tumbling without the ability of choosing your Challenge target and with very little combat tricks can get a bit scary.


From a master duelist to another Weaponmaster. While in some decks above you might have to Tumble without equipping anything, finding a weapon shouldn't become an issue with this list.

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