Last week was a pretty fun one to give you all a taste of season 6. In the midst of the season officially starting, we've also had some new Battlegrounds content revealed to us with new heroes and a new tribe of minions added (which is particularly fitting given the current competition). Perhaps some new creations will be inspired for those of us on the FC side of things?

Conversation this week is about the recent (k)nights that have occurred.

Bring Out Your Dead

Now we can bring back the tradition of this series of congratulating the latest WCDC winner. In this case, it happens to be me with my Postmortal Servitude.

Since it wasn't part of the season, I don't get to choose the theme of competition 6.02 (that duty falls onto R) nor does it count towards the score for the end-of-season prize, but it still counts as a win for the Winner's Gallery and towards my scoreboard that I post at the end of each season which is prize enough for me.

Knight Shift

But in this particular conversation, I don't want to highlight just my own card but I have some others for a topic I want to talk about. Even though we have a fairly solid idea of what Death Knight does right now, there's still a lot of unexplored design space in the class since it's only 2 months old in terms of in-game time and it only has one set. There's much more time for Death Knight to still be refined in terms of what it can and can't do.

For this reason, I want to highlight two other card in particular that made it to the final voting stage of the prologue competition in addition to my own card. Those cards are Arnax, Ymirjar Farshot by Linkblade91 and Koltira Deathweaver by Anchorm4n. Competitions aren't just about looking at the winner. It's about everyone gathering together to see what everyone comes up with.

These cards in particular I think highlight the use of extra design space in the class. In the case of Arnax, Spell Damage is a very natural fit for Frost. Even though Death Knight doesn't have any Spell Damage cards at the moment, Frost in particular specializes in spells that deal damage and have some synergy with spell-spamming in the form of Deathchiller, which is actually seeing play in FFF decks right now as we speak. A Spell Damage card for the class would be very natural for them.

Koltira meanwhile parallels Deathbringer Saurfang in terms of using an alternate resource to play your cards instead of mana which also happens to be Blood. Perhaps this mechanic just becomes something that we see in Blood occasionally. I'd be all for it if Team 5 were able to balance in properly. Corpses are an incredibly versatile mechanic and it makes sense that it would be able to do this.

The point I'm getting at is that the class is still new. There's a lot that you can do with it that Team 5 hasn't done. Even though they have gotten better in recent years and they've been trying new ideas, Demon Hunter to me still feels a bit one-dimensional to me compared to the other classes. In Forged in the Barrens, we got Deathrattle DH support for the first time. It was originally seen as something pretty weird, but over time, it became a more normalized part of the class and it isn't viewed as weird anymore. Perhaps one day we might see maybe Taunt DH synergy? I've advocated that synergy for quite a while since they regularly quite a lot of Taunt minions.

So even if a synergy you're trying to push for Death Knight in your custom sets seems out-of-left-field now, that's only because the class is still very new and its identity still hasn't been entirely solidified. If you want a push a synergy for the class that hasn't been done but you think would make perfect sense in the class, then by all means go ahead and do it!

We're Blasting Off Again!

This week, we're working with two tribes. One to protect the world from devastation and the other to unite all people within our nation. Will you join up?