The end is coming! For what exactly? For quite a few things actually.

Conversation this week is going to talk about them.

Your Time Is Now!

But while time is on the mind talking about the ends, there's still a time to celebrate the recent WCDC winner, Wailor with their Timewalker Chromie.

They will be in charge of the theme next week, whatever that happens to be.

Data Wipeout

Something you may or may not be aware about at this point is that, on May 15th, Imgur is going to be removing all images hosted on its service that aren't tied to an account or are explicit in nature (which is something that I honestly was not aware that people used Imgur for until the news was announced).

This is quite important for people in the Fan Creations community. It won't affect the Fan Community Spotlight articles (or any other articles for that matter) since all the images you see in any article on this site are hosted on the website's internal systems rather than through an external hosting service, but it does mean that all creations that use Imgur to host the images that aren't tied to a user account will be wiped out, rendering the projects no longer viewable. This also has widespread implications all across the entirety of the internet, but those are discussions for other places.

If you have an Imgur account and your cards for your FC projects are hosted on your account, then you're safe. Otherwise, now might be the best time to make an account for the site and upload all your projects there, or find some alternate means of hosting them.

The Final Countdown

As of this moment, we're currently in the final 5 competitions of season 6. Fittingly, our current competition is about using the Finale mechanic introduced in Festival of Legends. You still have time to submit a card.