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I like to make weird decks or my own variants. Winning is nice and all, but I like a bit of style, and I'm a sucker for value and big minions! I made a couple of decks on the other card site but moved here since I believe in the founders and know they put in a lot of effort into maintaining quality. You might get the idea that Worgen Infiltrator is my favorite card from the Classic set. Not quite, though my favorite does come with a 2-1. That said, my first Legendary was Cenarius, and Druid has been my favorite class ever since! Can't say I ever liked Jade, Taunt, and Kael'thas Druid though. I never played them, and I don't plan to. I did enjoy my version of Beast Druid—the one I made before Guardian Animals was a thing—and I was really happy when Treant Druid was pushed since I had always wanted an army of happy little trees.

Yeah, that's about it. See you around, I guess.


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