We're on a waiting game for balance changes now - as much as it can be frustrating sometimes when you particularly hate something in the meta, I very much appreciate how much quicker changes are made these days. I've been around since the game launched, and Undertaker Hunter is still one of the worst periods the game has been through in my eyes. Still, the game got me hooked and I've been playing and creating custom cards for it for years now, and it's only improved in my eyes.

Conversation this time is our penultimate one of the Season - feel free to leave feedback if you haven't already!

Bear Arms

Congratulations to the winner of the latest WCDC, Moondreamer and their Gluttonous Grizzly!

We're on the last competition of the Season now, but they'll be in charge of the first theme for Season 6 (whenever that may be).

How To Train Your Dragoon

The Spotlight shines once again on a previously covered custom class - Beat's Dragoon Class! It's been shown off twice previously, but Beat has been hard at work keeping it up-to-date since then. I can hardly believe it's been two years since we first took a look!


Seeing the iterative design process for a class is always fun. As exciting as an entirely new class with dozens upon dozens of cards to look over can be, there's also something really unique about a class that started many sets ago - being able to see how the creator has grown as a designer and the ways they've changed their design philosophy over time is fascinating.

The Dragoon has been around for over two years now, and I do think you can really see the evolution of the class. It's interesting to compare to the actual Hearthstone classes, which have also gone through many different designers hands over the years and consequently do feel different in their approaches, not only in power level but also in what gets focused on.

Having one person at the helm could make a custom class feel more cohesive, but it can also lead to wild changes as there's nothing stopping the whims of the creator from changing.

Make sure you check out the full interview at the link above, and browse over the whole class to see for yourself how it has grown.

Last Orders

The final competition of the Season has us look back at previous turns for inspiration - click the banner to find out more!