As we enter the second week following the release of Hearthstone's newest Mini-Set with Maw and Disorder, it's probably a good time to catch up on some of this past weekend's news and set clear expectations for what's to come in the most immediate future. And while there isn't anything entirely surprising to report, players have still kept wondering what might happen next. 

Around the same time as the most recent hotfix patch was being deployed, renowned competitive player Lunaloveee tweeted at Alex “Abar” Barhorst, Product Manager for Hearthstone Esports. The reason behind that inquiry was to find out about any potential balance changes, fixes, or card bans for the upcoming (October 7-9) final Masters Tour tournament of the year. It was met with the following answer: 

Quote From Abar
Theo fixed. Chakki confirmed no balance patch before the MT. Dew is expected to be fixed next week before the tournament starts (I will make sure the admins comm this in the Discord server).

Keaton "Chakki" Gill being Senior Game Designer for Hearthstone, featured prominently in the latest large developer Q&A session that we happened to cover meticulously. Theotar, the Mad Duke has now been subjected to two separate hotfixes, and all should be well with the suspect (even though he isn't exactly a fan favorite, and many of the competitors wouldn't mind a tournament without). Dew Process is one of the new Mini-Set cards which currently still remain bugged (we have a whole list of them here), but it sounds like not for much longer.

 Dew Process Card Image Theotar, the Mad Duke Card Image

As you might recall, there has already been a precedent when then-bugged Shaman cards Snapdragon and Bioluminescence drew forced bans going into the Summer Championship, which definitely hurt that tournament as a whole. So any such concerns are at least warranted. 

Besides that, it should be all business as usual. We'll most likely see the balance changes discussion begin anew as soon as this 6th Masters Tour concludes, for there is also the Fall Championship scheduled for the end of October. Meanwhile, Hearthstone team will undoubtedly be keeping a close eye on potentially overperforming cards or any interactions that might be deemed 'too broken'. 

Where do you stand personally, having had close to a week to play with the new Mini-Set cards? Anything in particular comes to mind that might warrant immediate balance attention?