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Started playing in Season 18, September 2015. Legend with Mech Hunter (Standard, Season 62), Darkest Hour Warlock (Wild, S73), Odd Paladin (W, S85), Odd Demon Hunter (W, S87), Secret Mage (W, S88 and S108), Questline Pirate Warrior (W, S89), Shadowburst Priest (W, S90, S92 and S93), Smol Beasts Druid (W, S94), Big Paladin (W, S96), Pirate Rogue (W, S97, S98, S112, S113 and S117), Copper Hunter (W, S109), Reno Blood Death Knight (W, S110),  Even Shaman (W, S111 and S114), Questline Druid (W, S115 and S116), Midrange Hunter (Classic, S115), Undead Priest (S, S115), Questline Shaman (Twist, S117), Mech Mage (W, S118) and Discolock (W, S119). Still trying to have fun.

Winner of the Weekly Card Design Competions 2.01, 3.07 and 3.18.

Reigning Champion of the OoC Card Treasure Hunt - come join us!


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    Become a legend with Mech Hunter, embracing the excitement of SandFork Texas Hog Hunting. Merge your skill and passion into an unforgettable adventure. Experience the thrill of SandFork Texas Hog Hunting while embodying the legacy of a true Mech Hunter, forging a unique path in the world of hunting.


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