Among the distant echoes of the next big expansion reveal and teases of one super secret cosplay contest, we shouldn't forget about the most important aspect of them all: making sure we got our full dust value from the latest set of Hearthstone card nerfs. This came to be as a result of the third balance patch for Murder at Castle Nathria - and just like with the very first one, there is such an interconnected theme of Hunter's Wildseed card package. 

As today could very well be the last day to benefit from the current bundle of ongoing dust refunds, let's have a quick look at the recently adjusted cards: 

Additionally, all Wildseed-related cards are free game once more: Spirit Poacher, Stag Charge, Wild Spirits, and Ara'lon. Now would be the last moment to double check which of these in your card collection might still be viable for disenchanting. 

Quote From Blizzard
The above craftable cards […] will be eligible for full dust refunds for two weeks following Patch 24.4.3.

The exact cut-off hour is rarely ever being specified in these cases, and sometimes there are random extensions (the last two times we had been given extra 24 hours) - but if you want to be safe, best conclude all your dust refund business as soon as possible. 

At least until then, all of the listed cards will remain disenchantable for their respective 'base craftable' dust values: 1600 per Legendary, 400 per Epic, 100 per Rare. As usual, Golden copies are worth far more here: with Legendaries going for 3200, Epics for 1600, Rares for 800.

Castle Nathria Card Nerfs, Round Three

This time around, almost every single changed card belongs to the current expansion of Murder at Castle Nathria. Although nothing from Maw and Disorder Mini-Set has made the cut. It does make everything rather convenient, with only one type of pack providing the best possible value. 

The Wildseed package being hit once more meant all of them technically becoming re-craftable free of charge for these past 2 weeks. If you wanted to grind any of the relevant XP achievements, hopefully that's all been taken care of (as they can be rather time-consuming). And while you could still try your luck, there is only so much time left to do so, and there always exists a risk of the refund window closing on you meanwhile.

Spirit Poacher Card Image Stag Charge Card Image Wild Spirits Card Image Ara'lon Card Image

Overall, there's never any harm in dusting everything for its full arcane dust value, since you can always recraft those cards at a moment's notice. Or even pull some of them from your packs in the future, once this opportunity is long gone. Although you shouldn't really expect to be able to easily do that with Epics or Legendaries; unless you have owned every single one from its respective expansion at some point in time. No duplicates allowed before that. 

Theotar, the Mad Duke is the only other outlier here as far as Castle Nathria packs are concerned.

Now, if you haven't actually found copies of these cards in your expansion or Standard packs up until now, you could also choose to craft the Epics Stag Charge and Wild Spirits or the Legendaries Ara'lon and Theotar, the Mad Duke, only to then disenchant them outright. By doing so, you can ensure the duplicate protection on said cards will be in effect going forward, and that you won't see them again in the future (until you have owned all other cards of the relevant rarity from the set, that is).

Ironically, Hunter still remains at the top of most Standard rankings - just not by such a wide margin as before. So if you intend on playing the class on ladder, you probably won't be able to avoid the inclusion of said Wildseed cards either way (Stag Charge is the only exception, not seeing nearly as much use). Theotar, the Mad Duke isn't perhaps as common as it used to be, but there are players who just love themselves this type of tech card. 

One Other Card Change - The Final Voyage

The lone Harpoon Gun actually belongs to a different set - that of Voyage to the Sunken City. It was even buffed once before, and now it's back to its former self. So most everyone should have a few copies of the card lying around. Once again - if you wish to keep playing Hunter for the rest of this expansion, you'll probably need to hold on to a couple of them. Or be forced to recraft this sooner or later. 

Diamond Card Achievement Reward 

Once more the stars align and we are looking at two refundable Legendaries from the same card set. Perhaps you already know what this means: a better chance to grab your free Diamond card from Murder at Castle Nathria! Namely, one Decimator Olgra.

If you've purchased the Mini-Set, this could be the best opportunity to hit the required Collection achievement reward for concurrently owning 25 Legendaries from this expansion. Whether you have Ara'lon and Theotar, the Mad Duke in your collection or not, it's a simple matter. As you can currently craft them essentially for free, and from there just add a few more Legendary picks of your choice until the above goal is met. Then collect your Decimator Olgra and profit. Afterwards, you are free to disenchant Ara'lon and Theotar, the Mad Duke and sit on that extra 3200 dust. 

This way you can also be certain any of the cards mentioned above won't start reappearing in your respective packs (at least until you have collected all 29 Castle Nathria Legendaries, even temporarily).

Refund Command in the Collection Manager

One of our all-time favorite quality of life improvements is officially over a year old! And yet it's still worth talking about.

By typing 'refund' in the card collection search box, you will be able to easily locate all the cards in question and decide whether or not to turn them all into shiny arcane dust. You can use the 'Golden Cards' filter separately in order to view these precious copies of eligible cards as well. 

Quote From Blizzard
Searching “Refund” in the Collection will now populate with cards eligible for a dust refund.

P.S. Sometimes you may encounter a rare bug where refundable cards don't show as such in your collection, or don't display full arcane dust values - even though the refund window is still technically active. Always restart your Hearthstone client and double check again in such cases, or try to confirm this with other players; it's often just the sync issues or occasional server disconnects that are to blame.

Have you decided to do away with all Wildseed cards once again, or holding onto any of them for the future? Perhaps there is a new Diamond card now shining brightly in your collection? Tell us all about your arcane dust hoarding!