Whoa! We got a huge update for the future of MARVEL SNAP from Ben Brode and the team at Second Dinner! The promised Token Shop is coming soon, as are the cards in Series 4 and 5. We'll get into more detail down below.

December 2022 Developer Update

Ben Brode brings news about the December Season, the Token Shop, and Series 4 & 5. Then, Community Manager Richie Holcomb talks with SNAP streamer KM Best.

The Power Cosmic Season

The December Season will be the Power Cosmic, and will feature the Season Pass card Silver Surfer. Silver Surfer is a 3 Cost card with 0 Power and "On Reveal: Give your other 3-Cost cards +3 Power."

The next season will also bring new cosmetics and Locations, and will start at 7 PM PT on December 5 (2 AM UTC 6 December), when the current Warriors of Wakanda Season ends.

Token Shop

All details come from the "New Cards and How to Get 'Em" article on the official MARVEL SNAP website.

The Token Shop is being added to the in-game Shop in the next patch. The Token Shop will feature one card that you currently don't own, and refreshes with a new card every eight hours. If you see a card in there that you want, but can't yet afford, you can pin it to the Shop to keep it there until you have enough Collector's Tokens.

Players can start earning Collector's Tokens at Collection Level 500, from Collector's Caches and (later) Collector's Reserves - both will have a 25% chance to drop 100 Collector's Tokens (instead of Boosters). Once you own all cards featured in Series/Pool 3, you also get an additional 22.5% chance to find 400 Tokens - quite a significant increase. 

Series 1 and 2 cards will not be available for purchase from the Token Shop. Series 3 cards will cost 1000 Collector's Tokens, Series 4 cards will cost 3000 Tokens, and Series 5 cards will cost 6000 Tokens.

It's also important to note that, over time, some cards will be moved down from Series 5 to Series 4, and some cards will be moved from Series 4 to 3. This should allow newer players joining in to still stand a chance, next to somebody who's been playing for a long time. If you aren’t sure you want to spend the full Token price on a new Series 5 card, you can always wait until it gets cheaper. How long might that take? The exact details are currently being figured out, but the developers have stated that their goal is for it to be "months, not years" before cards can become a part of an earlier Series.

When the Token Shop goes live, players above CL 500 will receive some free Collector's Tokens to get them started. The break-down looks like this:

  • CL 500 - 999: 3000 Tokens
  • CL 1000 - 2999: 6000 Tokens
  • CL 3000+: 12000 Tokens

And, if you're not that high yet, don't worry: once you reach CL 500 you'll earn 3000 Tokens and unlock the Token Shop.

Series 4 & 5

MARVEL SNAP is also going to get a huge influx of cards this coming season, with 10 cards making up the Super-Rare Series 4 and 6 cards coming in the Ultra-Rare Series 5.

The cards in Series 4 are "Super Rare," but you can earn them without having earned all the cards in Pool 3. There are ten cards in Series 4, and they are: Absorbing Man, Agent Coulson, Attuma, Helicarrier, Luke Cage, Maria Hill, M'Baku, Orka, She Hulk, and Titania. For a closer look, see our guide on every Series 4 card.

Series 5 is "ten times more Rare than Series 4," and contains 6 cards: Bast, Galactus, Shuri, Super Skrull, Thanos, and Valkyrie. We've also got a guide for Series 5 cards. When new cards are released in the future, or when Season Pass cards are no longer available as part of their respective Season Pass (i.e. after a month), they’ll be temporarily added to Series 5.

How do you feel about the upcoming Season, and the news about the Token Shop? Share your thoughts in the comments!