Pokemon Presents happened earlier today, and the Trading Card Game got a bit of love in the form of a new collector's item that gives players a taste of the good ol' days of the game in the form of the Pokemon Trading Card Game Classic Set.

This set contains 3 decks themed around the final evolution of the original 3 starters: Charizard, Venusaur, and Blastoise. The decks will feature an assortment of both old and new cards, but we don't have full deck lists yet. The Japanese page sheds a little more light on other cards included:

  • The Venusaur deck will also include Chansey and Lugia EX.
  • The Charizard deck will also include Pikachu and Ho-Oh EX.
  • The Blastoise deck will also include Mewtwo and Suicune EX.

Aside from the decks, the collection will also come with a special box for each decks, with energy symbols corresponding to each of the 3 pokemon, as well as a toolbox for various accessories, like Poison and Burn markers and stackable damage counters in the form of cones. The carrying case itself can act as a game board to play the game on.

This Set is expected to launch in late 2023. No price was offered, but the Japanese site linked above cites 35000 Yen, which converts to about 250 USD. Ouch! Check out this video to see the set in action.


 What do you think about this product? Are you planning on getting one? Let us know in the comments below!