The Pepper Thread - Share Some Good Vibes!

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    Posted 1 year ago

    A Hearthstone moment that never fails to warm my heart: when my opponent has a brand new hero and is looking for any excuse to try all their new emotes. 

    Just happened yesterday with Paladin Finley. 

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    Posted 12 months ago

    I don't have time to describe how it happened. The last fight against George was like finding out who is the king of Divine Shields.

    P.S. Good luck, have fun!

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    Posted 10 months ago

    Thanks Blizzard for a great pack opening!

    Got the 2 Warrior legendaries I wanted so happy camper! :-)

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    Posted 9 months, 2 weeks ago

    Had one of those wacky games again. I won a game where everything seemed to go wrong at the start: I missed two turns because of disconnection, my Deepwater Evokers drew two Flurry (Rank 1) (what are the odds of that happening??), my Magister Dawngrasp was stolen via  Theotar, the Mad Duke, and my Quest Priest opponent finished his quest on time, around turn 10.

    However, I still won because I managed to steal the Purified Shard (which my opponent had apparently been keeping in his hand for the past 4-5 turns) using Theotar, the Mad Duke. This game can be funny sometimes. 

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    Posted 6 months ago

    I'm mostly F2P (I get the battle pass to make XP farming easier) so only had 9 Lich King packs to open at my private fireside gathering. Beat my past luck and got 2 legendaries (Vexallus and Bonelord Frostwhisper), and also got 2 epics. I don't expect my luck to hold, but I've got almost 9k gold ready to go on the 6th. 


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    Posted 6 months ago


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    Posted 4 months, 4 weeks ago

    Today I got legend with Even Shaman - so I managed to do this with every class in Wild! What a journey it was... A few years ago I thought I'd never get there even once.

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    Posted 2 months ago

    I love that feeling of really having earned a win. Just came up against a Renathal Blood Death Knight with a golden Hero Power tray, I was playing Unholy/Blood Even Death Knight. Veeeery tough matchup. They have tons of life gain and board control, im basically relying on handbuff. Unless... Unless I draw my Hematurges early and outvalue them by coining out Alexandros Mograine on 6 and playing a second copy on 7. The second stage astalor on 9 sealed the deal. One of the rare times my opponent's "Well played" emote felt sincere. Thank you, stranger! 

    I notice I am confused. Something I believe isn't true. How do I know what I think I know?
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    Posted 1 month, 3 weeks ago

    So, after exactly 9 years of playing this game, I´ve finally hit the Legend rank! YAY :D Not much to brag about after so long, but I´m sooo happy right now! I´ve hit D1 3 stars multiple times before, but the anxiety and/or few loses always stopped me from going further. I really thought I won´t try to go for it anymore. But now I´m so glad I did! More so, it happened right before the new expansion, so I´m keeping the free Legendary reward for the launch. Heh, it´s really Festival of Legends for me indeed :)

    EDIT: ....aaand the Legendary was Cage Head!


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