Hearthstone Card Backs

One of the ways you can separate yourself from the competition in Hearthstone is to equip yourself with a shiny card back. Hearthstone has had many card backs over the years, most unobtainable to this day, and this gallery showcases them in all their glory.

Basic Card Backs

These card backs can be obtained at any time by meeting basic requirements.

Play Hearthstone!
Visit a Fireside Gathering
Reach Legend Rank
Play against someone with this Card Back
Allows you to play with a Random Card Back

Hearthstone Mystery Card Backs

These card backs are obtained by completing secret achievements in Hearthstone.

Forged in the Barrens - Complete Secret Achievement
United in Stormwind - Complete Secret Achievement
Alterac Valley - Complete Secret Achievement
Castle Nathria - Complete Secret Achievement
"Special Event"
Solve History's Mysteries.

Hearthstone Esports Card Backs

Blizzard loves to support Hearthstone Esports, giving away card backs to those attending events and even sometimes for placing well.

Join a TeSPA Chapter
Attend Certain Events
Attend Certain Events
Place Highly in Official Competitive Events
Masters Tour Competitor

Hearthstone Event Card Backs

Reach Level 12 in Heroes of the Storm

Tavern Brawl Card Backs

These card backs are obtained by winning or playing Tavern Brawls.

Winter Veil Brawl
Gift Exchange Brawl
Diablo 20th Ann. Brawl
The Dark Wanderer Tavern Brawl, 2023

Login Events Card Backs

Hearthstone's 6th Birthday
Hearthstone's 10th Birthday

Shop Events Card Backs

Fire Festival 2021 Bundle
Lunar New Year 2022 Shop Freebie

Hearthstone Pre-Order Card Backs

Several Hearthstone expansions have received a promotional card back for pre-ordering packs from the set. After the expansion launches, these card backs are no longer obtainable.

Murder at Castle Nathria Pre-Order
Blackrock Mountain Pre-Order
The Grand Tournament Pre-Order
Whispers of the Old Gods Pre-Order
One Night in Karazhan Pre-Order
Journey to Un'Goro Pre-Order
Knights of the Frozen Throne Pre-Order
Kobolds & Catacboms Pre-Order
The Witchwood Pre-Order
The Boomsday Project Pre-Order
Rastakhan's Rumble Pre-Order
Rise of Shadows Pre-Order
Saviors of Uldum Pre-Order
Descent of Dragons Pre-Order
Uldum Solo Adventure Pre-Order
Ashes of Outland Pre-Order
Scholomance Academy Pre-Order
Madness at the Darkmoon Faire Pre-Order
Forged in the Barrens Pre-Order
United in Stormwind Pre-Order
Fractured in Alterac Valley Pre-Order
Voyage to the Sunken City Pre-Order
Lich King Pre-Order
Festival of Legends Pre-Order
TITANS Pre-Order
Badlands Pre-Order

Hearthstone Solo Content Card Backs

Completing solo content sometimes rewards you with a special card back.

Normal Adventure Card Backs

Heroic Adventure Card Backs

Heroic Naxxramas
Heroic Blackrock Mountain
Heroic League of Explorers
Heroic Karazhan
Clear Heroic Dalaran Heist
Clear Heroic Tombs of Terror
Galakrond's Awakening Heroic
Galakrond's Awakening Heroic

Story Mode Card Backs

Clear Dalaran Heist
Clear Trial by Felfire Story
Clear Tombs of Terror

Solo Runs & Puzzles

Clear Dungeon Run
Clear Puzzle Lab
Clear Monster Hunt with all four heroes.
Clear Rumble Run
Complete Faelin's Book of Heroes.

Hearthstone Hero Card Backs

Some heroes come with their own card back, usually when purchased in a bundle in the shop.

Obtain Khadgar Mage Hero
Purchase Alleria Hunter Hero
Purchase Magni Warrior Hero
Purchase Medivh Mage Hero
Obtain Tyrande Priest Hero via Twitch Prime
Purchase Sylvanas Hunter Hero
Purchase The Thunder King Shaman Hero
Purchase Dame Hazelbark Druid Hero
Purchase Aranna Starseeker Demon Hunter Hero
Purchase Edwin Rogue Hero
Purchase Greatfather Winter Magni Warrior Hero
Purchase Steel Guardian Malfurion Hero
Purchase Infernal Armor Illidan Hero
Purchase Diao Chan Valeera Rogue Hero
Purchase Druid Xuen
Purchase Leeroy Jenkins Hero
Purchase Sir Finley Mrrgglton Hero
Purchase Garona Halforcen Rogue Hero Bundle
Purchase Magical Guardian Elise Hero
Purchase Cookin' Reno Hero
Purchase Jaraxxustein Hero
Purchase Omen Hero
Purchase Saraad Mage Hero
Purchase Inzah Shaman Hero
Purchase Kit Waxwhisper Hero
Purchase V-07-TR-0N Hero
Purchase Thorim Hero
Purchase Nozdormu Hero
Purchase Lana'thel Hero
Purchase Reska Hero
Purchase Elise Hero
Purchase Godfrey Hero
Purchase Patches Hero
Purchase Kailene Hero
Purchase Disidra Hero
Purchase King Krush Hero
Purchase Zail Hero

Hearthstone Promotional Card Backs

These card backs are from promotions run by Blizzard and their affiliates. They are usually time-sensitive though may still be obtainable until the merchandise they came with is out of stock.

Blizzard Collector's Editions Card Backs

WoW Warlords of Draenor Collector's Edition
StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void CE
Overwatch CE
Battle for Azeroth CE
Warcraft III Reforged CE

BlizzCon Card Backs

BlizzConline Shop Freebie
BlizzCon 2014
BlizzCon 2015
BlizzCon 2016
BlizzCon 2018
BlizzCon 2019
BlizzCon 2023
BlizzCon Legendary Quest

Twitch Card Backs

Oktoberbrawl 2017
Oktoberbrawl 2017
Global Games Cheer Promo

Hearthstone Device Login Rewards

Login to Hearthstone on a certain device and receive a Card Back! It is indeed that easy.

Login on PC Devices
Login on Samsung Galaxy Devices
Login on Android Devices
Login on iOS Devices
Login on Huawei Devices

Miscellaneous Promotion Card Backs

Warcraft Rumble Promo
OneStore Promotion

Hearthstone Rewards Track Card Backs

Tavern Pass Unlock
Tavern Pass Unlock
Stormwind Tavern Pass
Stormwind Tavern Pass
Tavern Pass Unlock
Tavern Pass Unlock
Alterac Valley Reward Track
Alterac Valley Reward Track
Alterac Valley Tavern Pass
Sunken City Tavern Pass
Sunken City Rewards Track
Nathria Tavern Pass
Nathria Reward Track
Lich King Tavern Pass
Lich King Rewards Track
Festival of Legends Tavern Pass
Rewards Track
Festival of Legends Rewards Track
Festival of Legends Rewards Track
TITANS Rewards Track
TITANS Rewards Track
Badlands Rewards Track

Ranked Play Card Backs

Every month brings forth a new season of Hearthstone. Every season has a special theme and by winning 5 games per season you get that season's card back at the start of the next season. Note that in the early days, card backs were given out to those who reached Rank 20 with no win requirements needed.


Season 1 (April 2014)
Season 2 (May 2014)
Season 3 (June 2014)
Season 4 (July 2014)
Season 5 (August 2014)
Season 6 (September 2014)
Season 7 (October 2014)
Season 8 (November 2014)
Season 9 (December 2014)


Season 10 (January 2015)
Season 11 (February 2015)
Season 12 (March 2015)
Season 13 (April 2015)
Season 14 (May 2015)
Season 15 (June 2015)
Season 16 (July 2015)
Season 17 (August 2015)
Season 18 (September 2015)
Season 19 (October 2015)
Season 20 (November 2015)
Season 21 (December 2015)


Season 22 (January 2016)
Season 23 (February 2016)
Season 24 (March 2016)
Season 25 (April 2016)
Season 26 (May 2016)
Season 27 (June 2016)
Season 28 (July 2016)
Season 29 (August 2016)
Season 30 (September 2016)
Season 31 (October 2016)
Season 32 (November 2016)
Season 33 (December 2016)


Season 34 (January 2017)
Season 35 (February 2017)
Season 36 (March 2017)
Season 37 (April 2017)
Season 38 (May 2017)
Season 39 (June 2017)
Season 40 (July 2017)
Season 41 (August 2017)
Season 42 (September 2017)
Season 43 (October 2017)
Season 44 (November 2017)
Season 45 (December 2017)


Season 46 (January 2018)
Season 47 (February 2018)
Season 48 (March 2018)
Season 49 (April 2018)
Season 50 (May 2018)
Season 51 (June 2018)
Season 52 (July 2018)
Season 53 (August 2018)
Season 54 (September 2018)
Season 55 (October 2018)
Season 56 (November 2018)
Season 57 (December 2018)


Season 58 (January 2019)
Season 59 (February 2019)
Season 60 (March 2019)
Season 61 (April 2019)
Season 62 (May 2019)
Season 63 (June 2019)
Season 64 (July 2019)
Season 65 (August 2019)
Season 66 (September 2019)
Season 67 (October 2019)
Season 68 (November 2019)
Season 69 (December 2019)


Season 70 (January 2020)
Season 71 (February 2020)
Season 72 (March 2020)
Season 73 (April 2020)
Season 74 (May 2020)
Season 75 (June 2020)
Season 77 (August 2020)
Season 76 (July 2020)
Season 78 (September 2020)
Season 79 (October 2020)
Season 80 (November 2020)
Season 81 (December 2020)


Season 82 (January 2021)
Season 83 (February 2021)
Season 84 (March 2021)
Season 85 (April 2021)
Season 86 (May 2021)
Season 87 (June 2021)
Season 88 (July 2021)
Season 89 (August 2021)
Season 90 (September 2021)
Season 91 (October 2021)
Season 92 (November 2021)
Season 93 (December 2021)


Season 94 (January 2022)
Season 95 (February 2022)
Season 96 (March 2022)
Season 97 (April 2022)
Season 98 (May 2022)
Season 99 (June 2022)
Season 100 (July 2022)
Season 101 (August 2022)
Season 102 (September 2022)
Season 103 (October 2022)
Season 104 (November 2022)
Season 105 (December 2022)


Season 106 (January 2023)
Season 107 (February 2023)
Season 108 (March 2023)
Season 109 (April 2023)
Season 110 (May 2023)
Season 111 (June 2023)
Season 112 (July 2023)
Season 113 (August 2023)
Season 114 (September 2023)
Season 115 (October 2023)
Season 116 (November 2023)
Season 117 (December 2023)


Season 118 (January 2024)
Season 119 (February 2024)
Season 120 (March 2024)
Season 121 (April 2024)
Season 122 (May 2024)
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